5 Things We Need In The Blair Witch Game (& 5 Things It Needs To Avoid)

The Blair Witch Project (1999) movie is a horror flick and a cult-classic. Its found footage format led many people to believe that what they saw was real. Eventually, most people found out that the movie is not based on actual events. Fast forward to now, 20 years later, a Blair Witch game is set to release on August 30, 2019—and we couldn't be more ecstatic. The trailer for the upcoming Blair Witch game looks promising. You wander the forest with a dog as your companion. You try to investigate the disappearance of a boy while uncovering the legend of the witch. This is one psychological horror game you can't miss. These are 5 things we need in the Blair Witch game (and 5 to avoid).

10 A Story That Doesn't Stray Too Far From The Source Material (Needs)

A game based on The Blair Witch Project movie shouldn't deviate too far from the source material. The game should be authentic but should take points from the original film. Based on the gameplay trailer revealed at the end of July 2019, it seems like the game is influenced by games like Outlast 2 and Layers of Fear. We already know that it will have a unique story, but hopefully, it doesn't change too much without giving due credit to the original movie.

9 Too Many Cheesy Jump Scares (Needs To Avoid)

Too often do we see horror games that squander their potential by adding meaningless jump scares that annoy gamers. Jump scares should be done in moderation with other horrific elements.

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The video game studio behind Blair Witch is going to have to get creative. Jump scares should seldom add tone to the game, and it shouldn't be the basis for the game's horror. Avoid the cheesy jump scares and make the game enjoyable for its story and depth.

8 The Witch From The Original Story (Needs)

It can't be The Blair Witch Project without the witch. It's a no-brainer that the upcoming Blair Witch game should include the witch from the original story to give it an authentic experience. The teenagers from The Blair Witch Project went into the forest to find the legendary witch. Let's just say they were surprised by what they saw. As the titular character, the witch of The Blair Witch Project needs to appear in the Blair Witch game.

7 Forcing Players To Use A Camcorder The Entire Game (Needs To Avoid)

We want to see breathtaking visuals and not be restricted to a camera that forces players to use night vision. The Blair Witch Project was a found footage movie with the film having the effect of a personal camcorder. The trailer that released in late July showed us that the protagonist holds a camcorder. Hopefully, we aren't limited to the vision of a personal camcorder because that would make the game considerably less entertaining.

6 Photorealistic Graphics (Needs)

Too many games claim to have photorealistic graphics when they actually do not. Blair Witch is shaping up to have the best visuals we've seen in a horror game. Some other notable horror games with exceptional graphics are Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Resident Evil 2 remake, Prey, Outlast 2, and Alien: Isolation. For Blair Witch to stand out, it needs to have photorealistic graphics. It uses the Unreal Engine and 64-bit graphics, which is a step in the right direction. So far, judging by the photo above, it is getting close to achieving this goal.

5 Letting The Dog Die (Needs To Avoid)

This isn't the first time we've seen a dog as a companion in a video game. Fallout 4 and The Last Guardian are two games that come to mind. The internet is going crazy about the possibility of the dog dying in the game.

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Developer Bloober Team is likely listening to the cries of gamers and will change their game to protect the dog. If the dog dies in the game, there's no telling what might happen as a result. No harm better come to that dog!

4 Be Like Outlast 2 But With A Better Story (Needs)

Outlast 2 was a significant improvement over its predecessor because it added a better story, varying environments, and more depth to its gameplay. Blair Witch should be like Outlast 2, but with an even better story. Leaving journal pages that further dive into the mystery of the Blair Witch is something to look forward to. Meaningless jump scares will hold the game back, but from what we've seen so far, Blair Witch will be nonlinear and will surprise players.

3 Repetitive Gameplay (Needs To Avoid)

Blair Witch has the potential to surpass games like Slender: The Arrival, Outlast, and Layers of Fear. It contains elements from many horror games in recent time. If it's anything like Slender: The Arrival, which is also based on a famous supernatural character, then Blair Witch won't be the video game we are hoping for. Slender: The Arrival punishes players for going in the wrong direction by making the Slender Man appear. Its simplistic gameplay made Slender: The Arrival ineffective as a first-person horror game. If it has meaningful objectives and ditches linear wandering, then Blair Witch will go beyond expectations.

2 Worthy Of A Cult-Following Like The Movie (Needs)

Even to this day, The Blair Witch Project has a cult following. The number of people that saw this low-budget movie was astounding. The Blair Witch game is based off one of the most influential horror movies of all time, and hopefully, the game has a similar effect and gathers the cult following that the original film had. If it does get the cult following, it will surpass all expectations as a psychological horror video game and be a game that is worthy of more than one playthrough. Without a doubt, replayability will have a strong influence on the game's success.

1 Cliffhangers At The End Of The Game (Needs To Avoid)

Having an effective ending is part of the makings of a good horror game. Blair Witch should not end abruptly or leave needless cliffhangers that infuriate players. Alluding to a sequel is okay, but a cliffhanger that doesn't give closure to the story is not okay. The Blair Witch Project movie, which released in 1999, ended with many people confused and perplexed as to what they had seen. The movie left lots of discussions, with a significant number of people believing it was real. Please Bloober Team, end the movie with a dramatic conclusion and forget the cliffhangers.

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