Blacklight: Retribution, the free-to-play FPS from Zombie Studios, is coming to Valve’s Steam service for PC players sometime in the near future.

Even though this will be the game’s first appearance on Steam, it will not be the game’s first foray into digital distribution – as Blacklight: Retribution has been available for download from Perfect World Entertainment, the publisher of the title, since its release in April 2012.

Blacklight: Retribution was well received by critics when it launched. A majority of reviewers highlighted that the changes made to the gameplay formula helped it to stand above its predecessor, Blacklight: Tango DownAside from the switch to free-to-play, the changes include the addition of mech-like vehicles called hard suits that can be summoned in the heat of battle, the ability to purchase equipment to tailor the player’s character to their personal style of play, and a gun customization system that perfectly complements character customization. Last, but not least, since the focus of this game is aimed squarely at fans of competitive multiplayer, the title has dropped the cooperative mode found in Blacklight: Tango Down.

Not only was Blacklight: Retribution praised by critics, gamers seem to have  flocked to the game as well with over one million registering since launch. In addition to the one million players that are already enjoying Blacklight: Retribution, the move to Steam will expose the title to millions of potential players. In addition to the new gamers that the debut on Steam will bring into the fold, Steam stats, achievements, and items available exclusively for Steam users will also be added to the title.

Andy Kipling, the executive producer for Zombie Studios, was very enthusiastic about the game’s upcoming availability on Valve’s marketplace:

“We couldn’t be more excited with the upcoming release of Blacklight: Retribution on Steam. With millions of active users daily, Steam has become the premiere digital distribution service around the world. As the Free-to-Play market grows, we continue to explore new methods for our fans to play our games, and bringing Blacklight: Retribution to Steam was a no brainer. Working with Valve to bring Blacklight: Retribution to Steam was extremely easy. We added support for Steam Achievement and Stats to Blacklight: Retribution, and a number of in-game items especially for Steam users.”

While no date has been revealed for Blacklight: Retribution’s debut on Steam, make sure to check back with Game Rant for updates on the release.

Blacklight: Retribution is available now for the PC

Source: The Flick Cast