Black Ops 4 Zombies: How to Complete Voyage of Despair Easter Egg

black ops 4 how to complete voyage of despair

After the Easter eggs in the Zombies mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 went live, it seems likely that many dove in to discover the secrets contained across the four maps: IX, Voyage of Despair, Blood of the Dead, and Classified. Per usual, the main Easter egg often takes several steps to accomplish and can be strenuous to complete. Nevertheless, for those willing to try their hand at the main Easter egg for Voyage of Despair, we've compiled this guide.

Of course, it's worth mentioning that these are easier to accomplish with friends, and it doesn't necessarily need four players. This means Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 fans can attempt this in a private match with friends, provided that they play on normal difficulty or above. So, without further ado, here's the steps discovered thus far:

Step 1: Retrieve the Sentinel Artifact

black ops 4 where to find the sentinel artifact

By retrieving the Sentinel Artifact, players essentially unlock power, as some doors cannot be unlocked without activating the artifact in the picture above. It is located across the ship, meaning players will need to navigate the entire ship in order to get to this artifact. To do so, here's the door-by-door order players should take to get to this artifact:

  1. Unlock the cargo-blocked passage going upstairs.
  2. Go through the Captain's cabin and open the door at the end of it.
  3. Go down exactly one floor and open the next door.
  4. Go through the lounge until seeing the altar. Unlock the door to the right of it.
  5. Proceed until reaching the outside of the ship. Players will see rubble hanging off the right of the ship, which needs to be climbed by the player. This is easy to overlook, so be mindful of the ship's exterior.
  6. Once on top of the ship, purchase the cargo-blocked passage leading to the catwalk.

After that last purchase, players will be able to cross to the end of the ship and simply activate the artifact in order to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Activate the Pack-a-Punch

black ops 5 artifact altars

After retrieving the artifact the first time, players will need to activate the map's Pack-a-Punch, which requires players to have the artifact. To do so, players will find four altars that are now glowing red across the map. They cannot be activated before because red orbs from the artifact fly out and activate them. These locations are static and appear in the following locations: Grand Staircase Bottom Floor, Cargo Hold, Poop Deck, and Turbine Room.

Step 3: Agents of Change

black ops 4 voyage of the dead pcs

After completing step 2, the time displayed on four (of six) clocks will change. Players can identify which clocks have changed because one of the Pack-a-Punch elemental symbols will spawn after the time change. Moreover, players should take notice that there are 4 dials that can be turned on the Bridge in front of the Captain's wheel. These dials will have elemental symbols on them correlating to one of the nearby clocks.

To complete this step, players will need to align these dials to the clock WHERE THE SAME ELEMENTAL SYMBOL appears.  They will move either left or right in 5-minute intervals for minutes and one hour for hour. The Bridge dials alter the minutes; the Engine Room/Poop Deck dials alter the hours. Once these are properly aligned, players will hear a noise and no longer be able to do change the dials.

Players will want to identify these clocks quickly by finding their corresponding symbol, so here are the following clock/symbol locations:

  1.  Mailroom - The clock is on the wall leading down to the cargo hold. The symbol is underneath the stairs lead up to the room with the skull and wall buy.
  2.  Captain's Bridge - The clock is right above the steering wheel, and the symbol will appear underneath a desk to the back right of the steering wheel.
  3. Grand Staircase - It is located at the top of the staircase in a wooden carving on the wall, with the symbol appearing above a nearby door. To get there, take the steps to the right of the clock and turn right again.
  4. First Class Lounge: The clock is located on the fire place in the middle of the lounge. The symbol appears to the right of the mystery box in the room.
  5. Galley (Kitchen): Players should put their back to the body hanging on the wall in this room, and the clock will be on the left wall. Facing the same way, the symbols will appear on the cabinets along that wall.
  6. Third Class: Go down the turbine to the bottom of the wooden stairs, the clock will be on the left. The symbol will appear on some luggage next to the wooden stairs proceeding upward.

Step 4: Kill the Elemental Catalysts

black ops 4 trials voyage of despair

The next step is to locate 4 outlets across the map, with each spewing a different element. Players will simple need to kill an Elemental Catalyst of the same element next to the outlet. When done so correctly, a ritual symbol will appear on the ground. These outlets are in the following locations:

  • State Rooms
  • Third Class
  • Galley
  • Next to Zeus Statue
  • Top of the Staircase
  • Aft Decks - in a barricade

After killing the elemental catalysts in each location, players will want to all stand on one of these symbols. It's important to note that players need to complete this task in the following order: the acid outlet, the water outlet, the electric outlet, and the fire outlet. If done in any other order, players will not be able to obtain the real Sentinel Artifact. Otherwise, completing each one will teleport players into a trial where each enemy must be destroyed. Doing so for each of the four circles, and players will be rewarded with the real Sentinel Artifact.

Step 5: Shoot the Leaking Pipes

The next step puts players in the ship's Boiler Room where they need to shoot each leaking pipe with the Decay Kraken. There are a total of 9 leaks across 7 blue pipes, with some appearing over the player. Once they have all been shot, the fires will be put out.

To obtain the Kraken for this step, the original wonder weapon can be obtained via the mystery box or by a special quest. Then, it will need to be upgraded. If players don't get it from the mystery box, then here's how to complete the special quest:

  1. Kill a Stoker by shooting its glowing spot, and it will drop a key. There will be a chest around the map that can be opened with the key and will need to be filled with souls by killing zombies until it disappears. It can appear in the following locations: State Rooms, Turbine Rooms, Galley, Mail Rooms, or the Provisions room.
  2. Players will need to repeat this process three times, with the chest appearing somewhere new each time it disappears. After the third time, players will get an item indicating where the Kraken will spawn.
  3. Once there, a tentacle will drop the Kraken wonder weapon. It can either appear at the Boat Deck (if the item is a compass) or the Poop Deck (if the item is a telescope).
  4. To get the Decay Kraken to complete this section of the Easter egg, the Chamber is found in the First Class Lounge (near window or insider corner), the Barrel is found in the Cargo Hold (on the right wall or behind the main stairs), and the Tubing is found in the Galley (against the brick wall or on a table in the room that's on fire).
  5. The next part is obtained by killing an Elemental Catalyst with the Kraken with the corresponding element. To get the Decay Kraken, kill an Acid zombie, and pick up the part it drops.
  6. Take all of these to the engine room to complete the upgrade.

Step 6: Pack-a-Punch the Artifact

how to pack a punch voyage of despair

After shooting the pipes, the next step requires players to put the artifact into the Pack-a-Punch. This is likely the simplest step.

Step 7: The Solar System

black ops 4 mars planet symbol

For the next step, players will be interacting with planet symbols across the map. First, players will want to interact with the solar system model in the Cargo Hold, which results in the planets flashing in a particular order. Players will want to make note of this, as they will need to go to each planet and shoot it in that exact order until reaching the sun.

When a planet symbol is shot, a blue orb will spawn that players have to find before it expires. Here are the locations of each planet symbol:

  • Sun - Forecastle
  • Mercury - Mail Rooms
  • Venus - Millionaire Suite
  • Moon - Lower Grand Staircase
  • Mars - Boiler Room (lie down near the furnace)
  • Saturn - Bridge
  • Jupiter - Engine Room
  • Unknown Planet - Aft Decks
  • Uranus - State Room

Step 8: The Boss Fight

Once the sun is reached, the final essence will be in the spawn room and interacting with it spawns ice blocks. Destroy these while traveling to the poop deck where the Sentinel Artifact was found, and when the final one is destroyed, a portal will spawn leading to the final boss. It is worth mentioning that several who have faced this boss have encountered a game-breaking blue screen glitch, so hopeful gamers should be mindful when taking the portal.

Thanks go to the entire Black Ops 4 community who worked diligently on solving these steps. Nevertheless, several other Easter eggs exist throughout the map which include low gravity fields created by dressing as a zombie in the Galley, bones around the map that open a sage to make a skeleton drive a car, and fireworks that are found around the map by shooting green vials and putting them into a white slot on the boat.

While much of this map remains a mystery, players can rest easy knowing that this Easter egg was worked on by those who helped make this title the best digital sales of Activision. With this guides, players should be able to do this Easter egg and move on to the other maps (IX, Blood of the Dead, Classified).

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is now available for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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