Bugs Galore in 'Black Ops' on PS3

Bugs Galore in Black Ops on PS3

It looks like the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops may have been the way to go since the PS3 version is suffering quite a few issues.

In the official Black Ops forums there is an official list of bugs and glitches that PS3 gamers have been suffering, as well as posts reporting other concerns and issues. The official list is pretty hefty, nonetheless:

Reported Bugs- Party Invite System not working, unable to join friends even with public chosen- Leaderboard not reading correct kills- Framerate issues, affecting gameplay- Theatre mode not working correctly- Respawns, issue spawning near enemies on smaller maps- Game freezing PS3 Console- Party option "Leave with party" not working correctly- Locale Search option not working- Mic's not showing in lobby- Error "Disconnected due to transmission Error" appears after some games

Reported Glitches- Knifing mechanic seems to act like Commando lunge from MW2

There are also reports of 3D TVs freezing during gameplay, which could trigger early adopters to question their purchase of the television.

The PC version has been having a rough go as well, suffering frame-rate issues and lag, but not nearly as many problems that the PS3 is having.

Despite being the best selling release in the franchise's history, and also beating other noteworthy releases, it seems as though it wasn't the smoothest of launches. There is no doubt that Treyarch are working hard to come up with fixes so gamers can enjoy the experience.

Which platform are you playing Black Ops on? Are you experiencing any bugs or glitches that hinder the immersion of the game or are you having a positive experience? Let us know what bugs and glitches you've come across in the comments!

Call of Duty: Black Ops is out now for PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii and DS.

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Source: Official Black Ops Forums

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