'Black Ops' Nuketown Map Holds Plenty of Secrets

Black Ops Nuketown Hidden Secrets

If there's one thing we're used to with the Call of Duty series, it's setting a new standard in online multiplayer. With Treyarch's record-breaking new title, it's already becoming evident that this is a group of developers who really enjoy secrets. Several of them have been gathered in one place, so here are just a few of the secrets to be uncovered in the Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer map entitled 'Nuketown.'

It's already obvious that Activision's new favorite developer has a penchant for adding secret content into their games, be it a classic text game or arcade shooter.

Now Dan Amrich of Activision has put together a few of the secrets he's been able to glean about the easter egg-rich Black Ops map. Some you may have already noticed, while others may offer a significant advantage if used properly.

So without further ado, get ready to take notes on the secrets of Nuketown that have already been unearthed:

#1. Double Rainbow - All the Way!

Black Ops Nuketown Secrets Rainbow

This one really needs no explanation, just one nature's great unexplained mysteries.

#2. Intersection Insanity

Black Ops Nuketown Secrets Street Sign

Taken from the names of an atomic bomb test and nuclear testing program, providing a laugh to those CoD players familiar with America's history of atomic research. An intersection of streets on a single lane? Surely a reference to the crazed nature of the game's community.

#3. Familiar Neighbors

Black Ops Nuketown Secrets Mailbox Mason Woods

It turns out that the houses on the map aren't chosen at random, but seem to be the homes of Black Ops characters Alex Mason and Frank Woods. Suddenly the abandoned vehicles in the streets make a lot more sense.

#4. Save the Clocktower!

Black Ops Nuketown Secrets Clocktower Countdown

While players may simply take a quick glance at the map's clock tower and move on, there is more than meets the eye. The tower isn't just a clock, but a countdown to how much time is left in the map. As it turns out, the length of the match isn't determined by an arbitrary time limit, but how much time the players have before being vaporized.

#5. RC-XD Race Track

It's unclear if the fences between Mason and Woods kept the two in good spirits, or if the holes in the fences are a sign that things have soured. To find out how to make the most of the RC-sized holes, check out the video below:


#6. Mannequin Surprise

Black Ops Nuketown Secrets Mannequin Surprise Heads

Fans will have no doubt noticed that the heads of the mannequins are not bulletproof, but apparently a surprise awaits the player or players who manage to remove the heads of all the map's mannequins within a certain time limit. At this point, even Amrich doesn't know the time limit or the surprise, but rumors of zombies and explosions abound without much evidence.

The game isn't perfect when it comes to performance, but Treyarch is working on getting the details ironed out. Hopefully when the glitches and kinks are all taken care of, even more hidden details will be found by players no longer hampered by technical issues.

We await any and all new easter eggs, and will keep you posted on the mannequin's secret. For the other hidden details contained in the map, head over to Amrich's blog.

It would seem that our complete guide to Black Ops will have to be updated on a regular basis with all of the new details and content that is constantly being uncovered. You can join the hunt for hidden features by picking up a copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops today for any console you would like, either PS3, Xbox 360, or the PC.

Source: One of Swords

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