Promo Photo for Next ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops’ Map Pack Leaked

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Though it has yet to be confirmed by Activision, most gamers assumed that the Call of Duty: Black Ops team would roll out at least one more map pack before preparing for the release of Modern Warfare 3. While the next map pack has not been officially announced, a photo of the pack’s flyer has leaked, and based on previous marketing material it seems legitimate.

Unfortunately the title of the Black Ops map pack and the specific level names are unclear from this photo, but there is a brief blurb for the four multiplayer offerings and the new zombie mission.

Asking players to do everything from “Attack the Drive-In” to “Escape the Silo” this map pack looks to have a variety of locales with perhaps a more urban inclination. Unfortunately aside from “Attack Hangar 18,” the other two map descriptions are too blurry to make out. All we can tell is that one will involve a silo and the other is most likely the zombie mission.

No matter where these maps end up being set, gamers will always welcome a change of scenery for one of the most popular online shooters. It’s going to be hard to top the Escalation pack — with Hotel and Zoo now personal favorites online — but the drive-in map sounds like it has promise.

Black Ops Map Pack 3 Leaked Photo

As with previous map packs we expect a release date announcement for the Xbox 360 within the next month (if of course this is a legitimate photo) — with a PS3 and PC launch to follow.

For Black Ops fans this could very well be the last chance to pick up a map pack before the big blitz for Modern Warfare 3 begins, but that doesn’t mean Black Ops support won’t continue. With the Call of Duty Elite beta set to begin in July, participants will be treated to a little extra if they have this new map pack to chart all of their statistics-based progress.

Last time a photo like this leaked, it was only a week before Activision made an official announcement, so stick tuned to Game Rant for more information about this next Call of Duty: Black Ops map pack.

Do you plan on picking up this next map pack for Black Ops? Would you like to see continued DLC support for Black Ops past the release date of Modern Warfare 3?

Source: DigitalWarfare247 (via Shacknews)