A new gameplay video for Call of Duty: Black Ops has released that focuses on two of the more interesting maps included as part of the Escalation Map Pack: Hotel and Zoo. As more of a strategy guide rather than a walkthrough, this video is meant to provide a brief taste rather than a detailed look.

Featuring various different areas for close quarters and long-range skirmishes, this video for Hotel and Zoo doesn’t do much to highlight the differences between these and any of the other maps featured in Black Ops, but it should do enough to generate interest in Escalation.

Choosing this time around to feature maps that are more visually interesting, Treyarch is trying to make their content offerings carry a certain theme between them. For example, the first map pack, First Strike, featured maps (both multiplayer and Zombie) that each had a unique gimmick contained within them.

Hotel does have the elevator, which provides a significant advantage for players who are bold enough to use it, but Zoo, on the other hand, is much more focused on providing an interesting backdrop for gun fights rather context sensitive actions like zip-lining. Both maps have their appeal, as do the other two maps Convoy and Stockpile.

For two minutes of glorious Zoo and Hotel gameplay (also in HD if you like) check out the video below:


Hitting the consoles at regular intervals, these map pack offerings for Black Ops are certainly helping the longevity of an already extremely high selling title. While some console owners, and those poor PC players, have had to wait a bit longer than your Xbox 360 gamer, Treyarch has done their best to keep everyone satisfied.

Still, one has to wonder when these map packs will run their course — especially with E3 and a new Call of Duty announcement right around the corner. Other COD titles, like Modern Warfare 2, continued to offer map packs amidst a building buzz for Black Ops, which stands to reason that gamers could see maybe one or two more packs before Infinity Ward’s new title hits.

High on the list for map packs is, as always, some throwbacks to Call of Duty’s past, which we expect to be in the mid-range of priorities for the team at Treyarch. As long as they continue to push out maps that are visually interesting and provide opportunities for a variety of gamers to enjoy them, the more map packs the merrier.

Which of the two maps do you think will provide the more engaging gameplay: Zoo or Hotel? If Treyach does decide to release updated versions of past Call of Duty maps which would you like to see?

Call of Duty: Black Ops — Escalation Pack releases May 7, 2011 for the Xbox 360. No release date yet for PS3 or PC.

Source: YouTube (via GameTrailers)