'Black Ops' Escalation Map Pack Trailer & Screenshots

Black Ops Escalation Trailer Screenshots

While many Call of Duty fans may already have visions of Modern Warfare 3 dancing in their heads, Activision and Treayrch seem keen to remind us that for the moment at least, Black Ops is still the main attraction. The next DLC map pack for the game, entitled 'Escalation' is set to arrive in mere weeks and a brand new trailer and batch of screenshots has arrived to give a better look at the new environments on the way.

We've already heard about the 'Escalation' content pack after it was initially leaked, only to have the publisher make the announcement official by releasing a host of details on map types and exotic locales. Call of Duty multiplayer certainly isn't lacking in online participation, but the fan base has already proven in the past that maps are all it takes to give a boost to online sales, and they're more than willing to pay top dollar for them.

Hearing the maps described in a few short sentences is one thing, but getting some tips and tricks from the developers themselves is an absolute must for any serious CoD fan. Whether you're most excited for Hotel, Zoo, Convoy, or Stockpile, it would be worth your while to know just how well different play styles will work for each area.

Check out the newest multiplayer preview now:

[bitsontherun fd3X0Dqz]

The new levels may be designed with snipers, ambushes, or flanking in mind, but the most important perspective is how they look and feel down the scope. With that in mind, have a look at how the various stages will appear in the heat of the action:

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Black Ops' first DLC package 'First Strike' showed that the development team at Treyarch know how to design effective multiplayer maps, but with Modern Warfare 3 details on the way, fans will have to decide how willing they are to pony up 1/4 the cost of an entire game for 4 maps and a new zombie mode.

Which of the maps has you most interested? Think there are still shortcomings to be addressed before the playing community moves on from Black Ops to MW3?

Black Op's 'Escalation' map pack releases for the Xbox 360 on May 3, with availability on other consoles still unannounced.

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