Dodging Rockets Confirmed as Possible in 'Black Ops' Video

Call of Duty Black Ops Dodging Rocket Video

The show Mythbusters has gained popularity for its use of science and math in order to either confirm or "bust" some widely held beliefs. In the world of video games, there are similar myths tied to many different games that some believe are possible and others do not.

The website Defend the House has taken many of the more popular titles of the latter part of this year to task in order to investigate what incredible stunts players really can pull off, and which are simply urban legends. Their most recent video uncovers some of Call of Duty: Black Ops’ myths including whether or not two care package helicopters will collide with each other. Have a look at the video.


Many of the scenarios are purely incidental and would never arise organically in a multiplayer match, but those few tested scenarios can help provide gamers with a serious advantage in knowing they are possible. With Black Ops’ new theater mode, players can even record their own mythbusting in action and post them in the file share.

While the mythbusters over at the site have only scratched the surface of Black Ops myths, there is a decent sized dose of both confirmed and busted myths to go around. Most surprising of the myths turned out to be the fact that it is possible for a player to actually dive over an RPG, an action more intense than many of the scripted interactions in the game. There may be certain circumstances where it might not work out as perfectly, but it’s definitely worth trying out.

Along with their new foray into Black Ops, Defend the House has a few Halo: Reach myth videos where they uncover myths that include which side of the body allows for assassinations and which does not. The team is also willing to try out any player suggestions in the future, so be on the lookout for more content.

Are there any Black Ops myths that you’ve either confirmed or busted? Anything you feel is possible but don’t have the patience to test out?

Source: Defend the House

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