The first trailer for Black Ops: Declassified has been released finally giving us a look at how the Call of Duty franchise will be adapted for Sony’s PlayStation Vita. Along with showcasing some of Black Ops: Declassified‘s bite sized combat in action, Sony revealed that Nihilistic Software, the same developer who brought us Resistance: Burning Skies (yet another handheld version of a popular console series), will be working on the project.

As expected Black Ops: Declassified will help bridge the gap between Treyarch’s 2010 effort, Black Ops, and their forthcoming follow-up, the appropriately titled Black Ops 2. Based on some comments from Treyarch and the game’s trailers we know that Black Ops 2 follows the exploits of Alex Mason’s son as he learns about terrorist Raul Menendez from Frank Woods. It’s safe to assume that Black Ops: Declassified will set the scene for the world players will enter at the start of Black Ops 2.

Unfortunately, Black Ops: Declassified won’t be featuring the type of high-octane, story-focused single player that COD fans have come to expect, but will instead closely mirror Spec Ops missions. As you can see in the trailer, there are moments that feel very much drawn from the same cloth, but there doesn’t appear to be an overarching story.

But that’s no matter, because Black Ops: Declassified will feature the same multiplayer gamers have been clamoring for since the first Modern Warfare. It’s only 4v4 not your typical 8v8, but the promise of new maps and some classic maps redone for the Vita has us intrigued.

Black Ops Declassified Trailer

It wouldn’t be a Vita game without handheld-specific controls, so of course Declassified features those as well. It’s nothing too spectacular — throw grenades and melee using the touch screen, or share loadouts using Near technology — and appears to be a move to justify using the Vita. Declassified will also support several different modes — Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed, and Drop Zone — all over WiFi (sorry 3G Vita owners).

The most problematic things gamers will notice is how much of a backward leap the visuals in the game are making. Sony has been hyping the Vita up as a handheld capable of delivering console-like graphics, but this is hugely disappointing. Yes, it’s that Call of Duty gameplay fans love, and we finally get that multiplayer on-the-go experience, but we certainly expected more.

What do you think of Black Ops: Declassified? Will this be the first must-have title for the Vita?

Black Ops: Declassified releases this November for the PS Vita.

Source: PlayStation Blog