While Treyarch‘s highly anticipated Call of Duty sequel, Black Ops 2, is sure to deliver that trademark COD experience gamers yearn for annually, there is going to be a new way for them to get their fix in the form of Black Ops: Declassified.

Unlike the fully fledged retail release, Black Ops: Declassified is poised to be one of the first killer apps for Sony’s PlayStation Vita, that is if it can deliver the same Call of Duty experience, only on a handheld. According to Activision‘s VP and GM of Santa Monica Business, Michael Sportouch, that’s exactly what gamers who purchase Declassified will get: “a true Call of Duty experience.”

As expected, Sportouch doesn’t go into too much detail regarding Declassified, only saying that along with a single player campaign, the title will feature a Spec Ops story mode and Multiplayer mode tailored for the Vita. Back in June, details leaked that outed the Spec Ops and Multiplayer modes for Black Ops: Declassified, and they were further confirmed when box art was released for the Vita title. Still, multiplayer is a very important element of the franchise, and thus Activision likes to keep details tightly under wraps, like who’s developing this game.

We’ve just recently received our first look at Black Ops 2 proper’s multiplayer in action, which featured some of the futuristic weaponry from the game’s single player campaign, but now it’s time for Black Ops: Declassified to show fans what it will be delivering. Will it be the same type of experience that the console versions deliver only on-the-go or will the focus be on smaller, more intimate skirmishes?

No one’s talking at this point, but we wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of what is included in Black Ops 2‘s multiplayer, some of which leaked online earlier this week, end up in the Vita title as well.

How would you like to see Black Ops: Declassified deliver that true Call of Duty experience? What are your hopes for the multiplayer?

Black Ops: Declassified is slated for a 2012 release on the PlayStation Vita.

Source: MCV