Black Ops, Dante's Inferno, and Mario Top Most Pirated of 2010

Top Pirated Games of 2010

Though video games seem to be the least pirated medium of 2010, that does not mean that video games are not inevitably pirated en masse. Via a whole slew of torrent outlets video games, from the mega hits to the low selling critical successes, are pirated. TorrentFreak has released another data chart, this time showing the top pirated games for the PC, Wii, and Xbox 360 from 2010 and the results are worth taking a look at.

Interestingly enough, Black Ops does not top both the PC and the 360 lists. While it does top the PC list, carrying a huge margin over Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the titles that grace the higher positions on the 360’s list are games many were interested in but not as many ended up checking out.

Dante’s Inferno, the God of War clone from Visceral Games, is the surprising choice for top torrented Xbox 360 video game. Inferno was a title that packed in a solid gameplay experience that many had seen before combined with a sub par story; essentially it was God of War for the masses. What makes Dante's Inferno's spot at top pirated title of 2010 so surprising is the fact that the game will be nowhere near the top five games for 2010 sales-wise.

Check out the full Xbox 360 list below:

Xbox Pirated Games 2010

Piracy for the Wii took the more standard route with the most popular titles being the most pirated. Topping the list was Super Mario Galaxy 2, arguably the highest profile Wii title released in 2010. Proving that casual games will always be the Wii’s strongest suit, Wii Party comes in at a very close second to Mario. There really weren’t that many titles released for the Wii that would have caught gamers' interests anyways, so the top 5 Wii pirated is almost like a top 5 Wii games released list.

Check out the full Wii list below:

Wii Pirated Games 2010

PC Piracy is where the juggernaut of everything gaming took the crown. As the biggest entertainment launch ever it is only fitting that Call of Duty: Black Ops would take another title, albeit a less prestigious one. Being only about two months old, it is extremely surprising to see Black Ops at the top of the most competitive list, especially up against titles like Mass Effect 2 which have been available almost the entirety of 2010.

Check out the full PC list below:

PC Pirated Games 2010

It’s also worth noting that piracy downloads were by and large the highest on the PC platform versus any of the other consoles.  As a venue for easier piracy and one with slightly lesser repercussions, it stands to reason that gamers would be willing to take on the risk on the PC versus anywhere else.

Why do you think that Black Ops didn’t top all of the lists for most pirated game? Are there any titles you’re surprised didn’t make the lists?

Source: TorrentFreak

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