Black Ops 4 Zombies: How to Upgrade Spectral Shield

A new Call of Duty game means more Zombie modes, with Black Ops 4 coming packed with four maps: IX, Voyage of Despair, Blood of the Dead, and Classified. In Blood of the Dead, players find the Spectral Shield that allows them to see ghosts, perform spirit blasts, and withstand damage. It is a necessary component in the Blood of the Dead Easter egg, but it is possible to upgrade it to an Attuned Spectral Shield which can take an extra 200 damage and perform 2 more blasts.

Before doing so, however, Black Ops 4 players need two things: the original Spectral Shield and the Hell's Retriever. Overall, each step is rather simple and should likely be completed in a short number of rounds.

How to get the Spectral Shield

First, players must find an item known as the Essence which appears in an afterlife box that changes every attempt at the map. Then, players will have to locate the door which can either be hidden in China Alley or two different locations in the Citadel Tunnels. The last piece is dropped once the first Brutus is killed. After gathering these parts, simply put them together at one of the three building tables, which are located at the third floor of the Cell Block, Docks, or the West Side Power House.

How to get the Hell's Retriever

Unlocking the Hell's Retriever works in a similar manner that it did in Mob of the Dead. Players will need to locate 3 Hell hound marks and kill zombies near them until the Hell hound disappears. They are located, this time, at New Industries, second floor of the Cell Block, and Eagle Plaza. Once this is complete, take the fast travel from the Warden's House to the Showers - or the other way around - and interact with the weapon. It sits on a rock while completing this travel.

How to Upgrade the Spectral Shield into the Attuned Spectral Shield

Afterward, players simply need to upgrade the shield. As seen in the above video, players will need to hit the Mystery Box until a lock is the reward. Using the Spectral Shield, players need to use the key attack until the keyhole on the lock turns blue. Once this is done, throw Hell's Retriever at the lock, and this will turn the player's Spectral Shield into the Attuned Spectral Shield. Even though this is rather simple compared to the sheer complexity of a full Easter egg, it is easy to see why this game was ranked one of the most anticipated games of the Fall.

Not only will this be useful in completing Blood of the Dead's Easter egg, but it also buffs the defensive capability of the player even if they aren't attempting the Easter egg. Once players tire of Blood of the Dead, there are 3 other maps to check out. For those interested in completing the Easter Egg for Voyage of Despair, check out our guide.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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