Black Ops 4 Zombies: Ancient Evil Easter Egg Guide

black ops 4 zombies easter egg guide ancient evil

The biggest update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 since Operation Grand Heist added Barebones to its Multiplayer mode and Ancient Evils to its Zombies mode. Per usual, this new Zombies experience has a rather lengthy and complicated Easter egg for its players to complete. Before moving forward, this article will contain what some consider minor spoilers due to the nature of the Easter egg.

It's worth highlighting that this Black Ops 4 Easter egg was solved in less than 24 hours, making it one of the quickest to be solved. However, that does not mean it is quick to complete, so those attempting it need to be sure they're ready. While working on these, it's also important for the player to gather the God Hand Wonder Weapons as well, as they are necessary later in the Easter egg.

1. Obtain the Spear of Apollo's Will

bo4 ancient evil marketplace

There are three parts for Black Ops 4 players to find here: the handle, the spear, and the shield. Once they are found, Apollo's Will can be crafted in the Marketplace.

  • Handle of Apollo's Will
    • At the end of the bridge
    • Stoa of the Athenians
    • Intersection of Treasuries
    • Kill a Gegenees

    2. Complete 6 Oracle Tributes

    Black Ops 4 players will want to find these areas and complete 6 tributes. It appears these tributes can be done on any level, and they just need to be done until the flame in Apollo's temple is lit blue. Then, just melee it with the Spear of Apollo's Will.

    3. Locate 3 Oil Spills

    black ops 4 zombies ancient evil

    Afterward, players will need to use the Spear to light three oil spills around the map. They are found at the Upper Road, the Intersections of Treasuries, and the Spartan Monument sections of the new Black Ops 4 Ancient Evil map.

    4. The Spartan Monument

    Players will then need to create a blood projectile in front of the Spartan Monument by using the Redeemed Hand of Charon. Then, shoot an uncharged projectile at each of the statues with glowing eyes.

    • To unlock the Redeemed Hand of Charon, obtain a Dormant Hand, go to Python Pass (travel via Pegasus), and activate the Initiation of Charon until obtaining the Fallen Hand of Charon. Take this to the Odin subsection of the Pack-a-Punch area, and kill Zombies with it in the river next to Odin. This will allow Black Ops 4 players to drink the water and then collect coins to deposit into the shrine. Do this until obtaining the Redeemed Hand of Charon.
    • Each Redeemed Hand listed in this guide can be completed at any time.

    5. The 3 Rotating Cog Locations

    call of duty black ops 4 ancient evil zombies

    After completing the Spartan Monuments, Black Ops 4 players will need to find 3 rotating cog locations by destroying the wall in front of it. Two of these Cogs can be found in the Intersection of Treasures, and the Other is in the Spartan Monument location. Throw the spear at each of these cogs, and once that's done, the statues of the Stoa of Athenians will begin to spin. Once these are facing inward, throw the spear at the crystal at the Stoa.

    6. The Ankh

    black ops 4 ancient evil ankh

    After completing the previous section, players will need to find the Ankh in the chaos Crystal at the Intersections of Treasuries. Get a Gegenees to shield stun the Ankh, which will cause it to drop. Take it to the Statue of Ra and place the Redeemed Hand of Hemera here. This will force Black Ops 4 players to fight some Skeletons to defend the statue until the Scepter of Ra is revealed. To finish this section, place that Scepter on the Statue of Ra.

    • To Obtain the Redeemed Hand of Hemera, take a Dormant Hand to the Monument of Craterus and begin the initiation of Hemera. This will grant players the Fallen Hand of Hemera, and to Redeem it, find the three mirrors (depicted below) around the map. Shoot each with a regular weapon and then shoot it with the Fallen Hand of Hemera. A light ball should land in a nearby bowl.
    • Melee this light ball and then run back to the Monument of Craterus. Melee it. It's worth mentioning that taking too long will result in the loss of the light ball, so be quick, as this will need to be down with all three balls of light to obtain the Redeemed Hand of Hemera.

    7. Offering of the Attalids

    black ops 4 zombies giants

    In the Offering of the Attalid, Black Ops 4 players will need to find a symbol to the left of the Statue of Danu. Shoot it with the Redeemed Hand of Gaia. This will cause 2 more symbols to spawn at the top of the Statue of Danu, and players have to hit both with a single shot of Gaia. Repeat this for 3 more symbols, and once it is done, a Gegenees will spawn. Kill it to find a dropped pole.

    Take this pole to the sundial, place it, and then kill an electric catalyst zombie on top of the sundial to activate it. Rotate it for all 3 dials until the blue symbol falls underneath the slot with light over it. If failed, the screen will flash white.

    • To obtain the Redeemed Hand of Gaia, take a Dormant Hand to the altar at the Spartan Monument to begin the initiation of Gaia. This will reward players the Fallen Hand of Gaia. To redeem it, shoot 3 red crystal plants at the Temple Terrace, the Stoa of Athenians, and the Intersection of Treasuries. Doing this will show a Seedling of Gaia than players will need to take back to the altar. After doing all 3, a portal will open where players will need to survive with the Redeemed Hand of Gaia until being returned.

    8. The Amphitheater

    All players must return to the amphitheater and show the glowing circles on the floor with the corresponding God Hand. Then, each player will need to stand on their color and kill Zombies that appear, but only those that correspond with their color (kill green zombies if wielding Gaia, for example). Three rounds must be completed; if there are 5 fails within a single attempt, players will have to restart the game.

    Then, Black Ops 4 players will need to approach the door at the River of Sorrow. The symbols on this door must be shot in the order which is seen in the Ancient Evil intro cinematic. The player controlling Stanton Shaw will then interact with the door, which reveals a midgame cinematic.

    Afterward, proceed to the top of the stairs and place the Pegasus Strike on the blue glowing symbol. This will cause a giant Ballista to spawn at the bottom of these stairs. The Redeemed Hand of Ouranos must then be fired at the Ballista from three sides - the front, the right, and the back - which will load it and aim it at the Python.

    Black Ops 4 players will then want to relight the spear at Apollo's Temple, run to the venom trap in Python Pass (which will turn the flame green), and then approach the Ballista and melee it. Doing all this correctly will spawn the portal to the Boss fight at the center where the egg was.

    • For this step, players will need the Redeemed Hand of Ouranos. Take a Dormant Hand to the Center of the World via Pegasus and complete the Initiation of Ouranos. Take the Fallen Hand and knock a zombie into 3 different arrows; shoot the feathers that appear as a result twice before they land on the ground. There are 3 feathers to complete. A portal will appear and surviving in it will reward players with the Redeemed Hand of Ouranos.

    9. The Boss Fight

    call of duty black ops 4 ancient evil

    Now, it's time for the Boss Fight. Players will find themselves in the Mount Olympus arena where they are required to Shoot at Pegasus to knock it to the ground. This is when players will want to use their specialist weapons to actually damage it, which will likely take several rounds. Eventually, Black Ops 4 players will be forced to the Mount Olympus: Columns area, where Pegasus will be absorbed by Perseus.

    Perseus will use lightning strikes to attack the player. After each strike, he will teleport to where he struck. Shoot him until he falls to his knees, and then use specialist weapons to damage him. This may take several rounds like Pegasus. Once this is done, he will die, drop a key, and the ending cutscene will play. Black Ops 4 players will have officially beaten Ancient Evil.

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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