Black Ops 4 Zombies: How to Get the Brazen Bull Shield on IX

black ops 4 brazen bull shield

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's Ancient Rome-themed Zombies map IX may have some new bells and whistles, but in many ways, it's still a traditional Zombies map. For example, like past Zombies maps, it features special items that players can craft at a workbench, with one of the most useful being the Brazen Bull shield.

Building the Brazen Bull shield is something players should do as early as possible in IX as it is a fairly effective melee weapon and can also be used to fire projectiles, similarly to Ajax's special ability in the game's online multiplayer mode. However, any Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 players who want to build the shield will need to know where to look for the parts and where to find the workbench.

Before players attempt to build the Brazen Bull, we recommend they take a few laps and memorize the layout of the IX map. This will make finding the parts and building the Brazen Bull much easier.

Finding the Parts

There are three main areas where each Brazen Bull part will spawn, though where they are specifically in those areas can change from one game to the next. That being said, the first part can be found in the Ra Altar Room, which isn't too big of a room, so just check the corners here. Spotting the part won't be difficult because it's highlighted blue.

The next part can be found in the Odin Tower, though it's a bit trickier to find than the part that spawns in the Ra Altar Room. The second part can spawn in any part of Odin Tower, from the Cauldron room at the bottom to the Altar Room at the top. When looking in the Cauldron room, check the corners. For Odin Tower: Entrance, look on the shield rack. For the Altar Room, look next to the barrel with spears in it.

The final part will spawn in the Zeus Tower, and like the Odin Tower part, there are multiple places where it can show up. In the Altar Room, check the foot of the statue to the right of the stairs. If it's not there, go down the stairs and directly across should be a statue with an outreached hand. Check the hand for the part. Finally, if the part doesn't spawn there, go to the Bath House at the bottom of the Zeus Tower and the part should be next to the mural.

Building the Brazen Bull Shield

Once players have managed to collect all of the parts, the next step is actually building the shield itself. To build the shield, visit the workbench located in The Pit. The Pit can be found in the underground, dungeon-like area of the map, and it's not far from the Temple where players have to go to unlock the Pack-A-Punch.

Building the Brazen Bull will unlock one for free, but players can purchase another one later if they need to for 1500 points. It will be available at the workbench for all players in the game, not just the person who built the shield.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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