Black Ops 4 Zombies: How to Complete the Blood of the Dead Easter Egg

black ops 4 zombies blood of the dead easter egg

Treyarch is well-known for its Zombies mode, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is no different. Packed with 4 maps (IX, Voyage of Despair, Blood of the Dead, and Classified), this Zombies experience offers its players an exceptional Easter egg hunt that took several days to complete. It's also worth mentioning we've also compiled an Easter egg guide for Voyage of Despair here.

Now, for Blood of the Dead, players are embarking on another cross-map journey.

Step 1: Unleash the Spirits

The first step requires players to obtain the Spectral Shield and unlock the Pack-a-Punch. The former has three parts located around the map: The Essence is found around the map in a random Afterlife box that changes every match, the Door is located either in the China Alley or the Citadel Tunnels. Finally, the key is dropped by Brutus, aka The Warden, the first time he is killed.

After constructing the shield, players can unlock the Pack-a-Punch. To do so, players need to gather 3 souls with the key, then Soul Blast the power box on the Roof using ADS + Fire while the shield is equipped.

Step 2: Shock and Denial

After the two aforementioned tasks are complete, players need to get the Spoon, which will require players to find another key. Then, players need to go to the Warden's house and knife the wall to left. Once players hit round 18, players should kite the Warden upstairs and make him use his EMP attack. During these rounds, players may optionally want to work on upgrading the shield, getting the Hell's Retriever/Redeemer, or unlocking he Magmagat.

Doing so opens the Warden's Ritual Room where players should pull the level next to the electric chair and pick up a red orb on the nearby table.

Step 3: Pain and Guilt

Take the red orb from last step and place it in the map in Richtofen's Laboratory. Interact with the Kronorium afterward, and a blue bird will appear. To see the bird, use shield vision and shield blast it. It can fly around to the following areas but will only move each round and be shocked once:

  • Catwalk - Above entrance
  • Cell Block - Electric Cherry
  • Cell Block - Monkey Bomb Statue below Dog location
  • Citadel Tunnels - Downstairs from Warden's Office
  • Citadel Tunnels - Hanging body right of number pad
  • Citadel Tunnels - Number pad
  • Citadel Tunnels - Sandbags
  • Citadel Tunnels - Walkway alongside Power room near left barrier
  • Docks - Perk Machine
  • Library - Top of shelf with Radio
  • Michigan Avenue - Voltmeter opposite of Warden's Office
  • Recreation Yard - Top of pillar
  • Richtofen's Laboratory - 2nd Floor
  • Roof - Doorway
  • Showers - Washing Machine
  • Times Square - Above entrance to Cafeteria
  • Warden's Office - Doorway
  • Warden's Office - Outside, corner of balcony
  • Warden's Office - Top of fireplace
  • West Grounds - Top of truck

After the fourth bird, players will hear the Warden cry, and players will see a glowing orb in its location through the shield. Players will need to enter zombie blood (872 on number pad) and run back to this location, use the shield to see it, and throw the Hell's Retriever at it. It will drop the Kronorium, which players will need for the next step.

Step 4: Anger and Bargaining

Return to the Warden's Ritual Room and place the Kronorium on the dead warden. Use shield vision to see the numbers on it, and punch them in on the number pad in the Citadel Tunnels. Then, players will need to go to the spot that the lighthouse is highlighting, shield blast the portal, and complete the challenge.

If a challenge is failed, Black Ops 4 players can return to the Kronorium, get a new code, re-do it on the number pad, and re-attempt the failed challenge. The five challenges include the following locations: the docks, the Powerhouse, the showers, New Industries, and Michigan Avenue. Make sure to pick up a red stone at the end of each challenge.

Step 5: Richtofen's Laboratory

Once the 5 challenges are complete, players need to return to Richtofen's Laboratory. All 5 red gems should be placed on the map at this point. Then, players need to run to the Warden's Ritual Room and stand near the corpse, which will result in its electrocution. The summoning key will appear, and a cut scene will begin.

Step 6: Follow the Bird

After the cut scene, players will be freed from their cells by the bird from step 3. Equip a spectral shield and retrieve the weapons from the bag. Follow the bird until witnessing an enlarged warden fight the ghosts of Sal, Finn, and Al. Obtain the orb it drops, return to Richtofen's lab, and place it on the map. It will burn away, showing a new cryo pod, and unlocking the nearby door. Players need to go up those stairs, stand in the dimmed light, and interact with the door.

Step 7: The Boss Fight

Doing so takes players to the boss fight where players need to kill enemies until the Warden shows. Take out the glowing orbs (which can't be damaged by the magmagat), then shield blast the boss. Afterward, shield blast the orb on the machine. After doing this three times, Richtofen (who spawns as an NPC if not in party) to get a cutscene before returning to the boss fight area. Once the warden is finished off, the Easter egg is complete. For those who have yet to pick up the title, we recommend checking out our review of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Now, completing this Easter egg will reward players with the Most Escape Alive Trophy/Achievement. Between this guide and the aforementioned video, determined players should be able to finish up this rather complicated Easter egg. Once finished, players can also see how to complete the IX Easter Egg here.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube, Reddit

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