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Black Ops 3 Salvation Zombies Guide - Revelations Zombies map portal

Use this guide to complete the elaborate Easter Egg on the Revelations map for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and unlock the 'A Better Tomorrow' trophy in the process.

Almost a year since Call of Duty: Black Ops III hit store shelves, and the game's final expansion pack is now available. The Salvation expansion adds four new multiplayer maps to the game, in addition to the Zombies map Revelations. Revelations is the final Zombies map from Treyarch for at least a few years, so the studio has gone all out, packing the map with one of the most elaborate Easter Eggs in series history.

As always, Call of Duty: Black Ops III players should spend some time familiarizing themselves with the new Zombies map before tackling the Easter Egg. It's best if players are able to assemble a team of friends to help them get through all the steps, but it is possible to complete the entire 'A Better Tomorrow' Easter Egg solo as well.

Anyone that would prefer to use a video guide, we recommend the one put together by MrDalekJD:


1. Turning on the Power

Typically turning on the power in a Zombies map is a pretty simple affair, but it is a little more complicated on the Revelations map. Instead of just flipping a switch, players have to activate four separate generators called Corruption Engines, which are strange structures that exude blue energy. After spending 500 points to activate one of the corruption engines, players will need to stay near the Corruption Engine and kill all the enemies that spawn.

Repeat this process at the other three Corruption Engines, but know that the enemies will be more intense each time. Here are the four sections of the map where players will find the Corruption Engines:

  • Der Eisendrache
  • Mob of the Dead
  • Starting Point
  • Verruckt

2. Tombstones

Black Ops 3 Salvation Zombies Guide - Revelations Zombies map tombstones

Near the spawn point, in the area where the Corruption Engine is, players can spot some tombstones floating just outside the map. There are four tombstones in total, and each one represents one of the four original Zombies characters. From left to right, the tombstones belong to Richtofen, Tank Dempsey, Takeo, and Nikolai. These tombstones need to be shot in a specific order, which is as follows:

  1. Takeo
  2. Richtofen
  3.  Tank Dempsey
  4. Nikolai

If the tombstones are shot in the correct order, a symbol will start glowing on them.

3. Keeper Ritual


For the next step in the Easter Egg, players need to spawn a Keeper. The first part of that process is collecting the parts needed to build a summoning altar. These parts spawn in random locations in Origins, Mob of the Dead, Verruckt, Kino der Toten, and the Der Eisendrache sections of the map, so keep an eye out.

With these parts collected, take them to one of the designated areas around the map and build the summoning altar. Before using the summoning altar to summon a Keeper, though, it's a good idea to have some perks at this point. At the very least, players should make it a point to have Juggernog activated for their character.

Anyway, after summoning a Keeper, the next step is to find a triangular blue rock that will be found at one of the jump pads, which fell from the sky after completing the previous step. Bring the Keeper to the rock, and then it should start the ritual. This takes some time, so stay near the Keeper and protect it from the fresh swarm of the zombies that will spawn.

With the ritual complete, grab the audio reel that appears in the Keeper's place. Deliver it to the recorder at Nacht der Untoten and listen for some interesting story details.

4. Pack-A-Punch

Our next step will be reaching the Pack-A-Punch machine, which just happens to be located inside a giant, Lovecraftian beast known as the Apothicon. Assuming players have activated all four Corruption Engines, head to Nacht der Untoten, and go upstairs to the terminal there. Wait for the Apothicon to move in front of the terminal, then activate the terminal.

Move to the stunned Apothicon, and it should suck any nearby players inside. Once inside, shoot the yellow veins that power its heart, near the end of the beast. This will free the Pack-A-Punch machine, so players should use the opportunity now to power up any of their weapons that need some extra juice. However, getting inside the Apothicon is important for the overall Easter Egg, not just getting to the Pack-A-Punch machine.

5. Apothicon Audio Reel

Black Ops 3 Salvation Zombies Guide - Revelations Apothicon

The second audio reel players need to access can be found inside the Apothicon along with the Pack-A-Punch machine. To obtain it, players first need to have Li'l Arnies in their possession. For the uninitiated, Li'l Arnies are special grenades that are small, tentacle monsters in jars that have to be collected from the mystery box. The goal here is to throw Li'l Arnies into three of the zombie spawning holes inside the Apothicon, which will spawn those three-headed monsters that have been plaguing Black Ops III players since the Shadows of Evil map.

Defeat the three monsters, and then repeat the process for three other holes in the Apothicon. Defeat the beasts, and then do it one final time so that all nine holes of the Apothicon have been hit with a Li'l Arnie, and all of the subsequent monsters have been defeated. After all this work, the second audio reel will finally spawn inside the Apothicon, on the center bridge on a pile of what appears to be tumors. Take the audio reel to Kino der Toten, and play it on the radio on the stage to listen to it.

6. Apothicon Servant

Before acquiring the next audio reel, players will want to get an upgraded version of the Apothicon Servant, which is a weapon that can only be obtained from the mystery box. Try to get as many people on the team to have an Apothicon Servant as possible without advancing too many rounds.

With an Apothicon Servant in one's possession, the next step is upgrading it. To do this, go to four specific areas on the map and shoot the five cubes floating in the sky. One cube will be found at the starting point, Mob of the Dead, and Shangri-La, whereas Verruckt is home to two cubes. With the cubes destroyed, return to the Apothicon monster, and use the Pack-A-Punch on the Apothicon Servant weapon to convert into its upgraded form, the Estoom-Oth. Also be sure to have at least one other upgraded weapon that isn't the Estoom-Oth.

7. Third Audio Reel


Black Ops 3 Salvation Zombies Guide - Revelations Apothicon Servant

Now that we have the Estoom-Oth and another upgraded weapon, we are able to collect the third audio reel. To do this, we have to go to shoot special stone slabs with an upgraded weapon, and then shoot the bone that appears with the Estoom-Oth. There are six bones to collect in total, and they are spread out all across the map.

In Shangri-La, the slab is located above the Stamin-Up machine. Check the church near the starting point for the next slab. On the Origins map, look over the barbed wire fences for the slab. At Verruckt, the slab is located near the waterfall. On Nacht der Untoten, the slab can be found on the ceiling above the portal. In the Der Eisendrache section, it is on the third wall-running wall.

When that's done, go to Nacht der Untoten to find a pile of bones near the radio that was used to play the first audio reel. Shoot this pile of bones with the Estoom-Oth to make Sophia appear, and then shoot Shopia with the Estoom-Oth to make the third audio reel appear. Pick it up and deliver it to the radio on the Origins section of the map to listen to its contents.

8. Runes

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Gorod Krovi Easter Egg Guide - S.O.P.H.I.A.

Return to each of the Corruption Engines and interact with them again. They will now be turrets that the players can use to shoot at blue orbs. Upon shooting all four of the blue orbs, the S.O.P.H.I.A. computer orb from the previous Zombies map will enter Revelations from the Nacht der Untoten section. Follow S.O.P.H.I.A. in her orb form, and she will lead players to Kino der Toten, where she will attach to the teleporter.

If all active players are in the teleporter, they can use it to travel to Sophia's house. For now, there's not much of interest here except for the Kronorium sitting on Sophia's bed. Grab it and then everyone will return to Kino der Toten. Place the book on the podium located on the Kino der Toten stage, and then an egg will spawn at a random location on the map.

Now, this is arguably the most difficult part of the Easter Egg, as there's not much direction we can provide. Basically, eggs will spawn on the map equal to the number of players completing the Easter Egg. It seems as though these eggs spawn in completely random locations in four of the different zones:  Kino der Toten, Origins, starting point, and Verruckt. Upon locating an egg (they are orange in color), players need to pick them up and deliver them to the Apothicon.

In the Apothicon, players will find green pools of liquid. These pools have incubation pods for the eggs, which look like little nests made of small, waving tentacles. Place the eggs here, then kill enemies near the egg until it the gate worm spawns. Snag the gate worm and use it to find its corresponding rune. The closer players are to the rune, the beeping noise the gate worm makes will be faster.

Like the eggs, the runes seem to spawn in random locations in the following areas on the map: Der Eisendrache, Mob of the Dead, Origins, starting point, and Verruckt. Simply collect the rune upon locating it. Repeat the entire process with the eggs and runes for all the players in the game.

9. Summoning Key

Black Ops 3 Salvation Zombies Guide - Revelations Apothicon Servant - Revelations Summoning Key

Head back to Kino der Toten, and go to the projection room. Interact with the glowing runes here to teleport to an alternate version of Kino der Toten. Go straight to the podium and interact with the Kronorium, then interact with the runes in the order that the Kronorium dictates. This will trigger a boss fight of sorts with four distinct phases.

All four phases have the multi-headed creatures that Zombies players should be used to killing by now, but with a different environmental hazard to deal with each time. In the first phase, there is lava, and the second phase, lightning. The third phase makes it so players have to fight the enemies with much less room to move, and the fourth phase has players contending with zero gravity.

With the four phases complete, the Summoning Key will spawn. It will replace one of the weapons, so be sure to get rid of a weaker gun. Keep in mind that only one player is able to carry the Summoning Key, so everyone else can keep all of their fully-powered weaponry. At any rate, grabbing the Summoning Key will bring players back to the regular version of the map. Now the goal is to throw the key at six specific locations in the different zones on the map.

In Der Eisendrache, throw the key at the clocktower. In Mob of the Dead, throw the key at the poster in the open cell. In Nacht der Untoten, throw the key at the red barrel near the truck. In Origins, throw the key at the tombstone. In Shangri-La, throw the key at the blue torch. In Verruckt, throw the key at the machinegun on top of the fountain.

This can be done in any order. Afterwards, return to Kino der Toten and throw the key at the chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Then return to the alternate version by using the runes in the project room.

10. Shadow Man Boss Battle

There are green torches located throughout this map. Pick one and place the Summoning Key inside it. Then stay near the Summoning Key and kill eneimes near it to charge it up. Once it's fully charged, it will glow yellow. Pick the Summoning Key back up and then throw it at the transparent figure of S.O.P.H.I.A. that is hanging above the map to remove the Shadow Man's shield.

Now unload on Shadow Man. When enough damage is done to him, he will disappear and reappear in the Apothicon's jaw. That's the cue to interact with the Kronorium yet again. Do this to kill the Shadow Man and trigger the final cut-scene. Congratulations!


Once this Easter Egg is completed, players will have finished the storyline that began back in 2008 with Call of Duty: World at War. Luckily, Zombies mode fans won't have to wait too long for a new zombie experience, as Zombies in Spaceland will be available with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on November 4th, 2016.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops III is available now for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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