Use this comprehensive guide to complete the ‘Love and War’ Easter Egg in the Gorod Krovi Zombies map for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3‘s new Descent expansion.

The recently released Descent expansion for Call of Duty: Black Ops III adds a slew of fresh content to the popular FPS. This new content includes four multiplayer maps, dragons, and of course, yet another Zombies map. Called Gorod Krovi, the new Zombies map has its own extravagant Easter Egg for players to complete, as is tradition for Zombies maps in Call of Duty games.

We recommend Call of Duty: Black Ops III players familiarize themselves with the different areas in Gorod Krovi before attempting its complicated “Love and War” Easter Egg. Also, it’s easier if players complete this Easter Egg with friends, though it’s possible to conquer it solo.

For those that would prefer to use a video guide, we recommend the one from MrDalekJD below:

1. Riding the Dragon

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Gorod Krovi Easter Egg Guide - Dragon

In Gorod Krovi, players are actually able to ride a dragon, and summoning the dragon is the first major step to completing the Easter Egg. However, some groundwork needs to be done before players can hope to take to the skies. Namely, players should visit the Dragon Command room to switch on the power.

With the power on, players can focus on collecting the three code cylinders. Zombies killed in Dragon Command, Supply Depot, and Tank Factory will drop these at random, and players will need to collect one from each area. These three areas all have a special terminal where the code cylinders can be deposited, so deliver them to the terminals when possible.

Once a code cylinder has been placed in a terminal, a pod will shoot into the air, and then fall back down to the map. The pods seem to land in different places every time, so players will need to look to the sky for beacons to help them locate the pods. Upon finding a pod, it will be attacked by zombies and other enemies, so sit tight and blast away at anything going after it. When this wave of enemies has been defeated, the code cylinder inside the pod will be upgraded. Retrieve it, take it back to the terminal it came from, and then repeat the process for the two remaining areas.

With all three powered-up code cylinders in place, return to Dragon Command and interact with the large terminal located there to summon the dragon. When the dragon arrives, ride on its back to the Pack-A-Punch building. Expect to visit this place many times throughout the Easter Egg. For now, locate the blue crystal machine in the house, and fight off another wave of enemies. Doing this successfully will grant players access to a devastating weapon called the Dragon Strike Controller, which makes the ray gun look weak by comparison.

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