More ‘Black Ops 3’ Details Leak: Co-op Campaign, Zombies Mode, & More

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In the past, Call of Duty reveals were major events carefully planned by marketing teams to include a trailer debut, first details, and typically some form of press event. The first Call of Duty: Black Ops, for example, was unveiled piece by piece, starting first with a trailer during the NBA Playoffs.

However, as Internet sleuthing has grown, the carefully planned Call of Duty reveals have given way to chaos. Whereas before we knew very little about each new game before Activision wanted us to, now leaks spill the beans ahead of time. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was mere days away from its official reveal date before a massive leak let all the secrets out ahead of time.

Now it appears Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 has been hit with a similar leak, and again it’s just days before the official debut was set to take place. While we don’t know how exactly the info got out, it appears that someone at GameStop got their hands on some Black Ops 3 promotional materials and they have begun releasing gameplay details.

So far, we’ve already learned that the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 release date is November 6th, an unexpected Friday release for the franchise. Moreover, that same leak teased a potential beta test for Black Ops 3 on current-gen.

However, those details were small potatoes compared to the latest leak, which includes major gameplay secrets. According to the leak, Black Ops 3 marks a major departure for the franchise in some key ways, incorporating gameplay elements that fans have been requesting for years.

Cooperative Campaign

First and foremost, it appears that Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will feature a 4-player co-op campaign. This won’t be a cooperative offshoot either, but Black Ops 3’s cooperative campaign will factor into the main story.

Black Ops 3 Campaign Details Leak

To that end, the leak reveals that player customization will be a major factor in the co-op campaign, letting players tailor their soldier’s loadout to their play style. Weapons, gear, look…all will apparently be part of that customization.

The campaign will also feature new arena-style areas that teams can approach in several different ways. The leaked materials claim that the multi-faceted levels will help encourage replayability, as players tackle the same sections but from different routes.

New Look Multiplayer

For multiplayer, the details are a little harder to come by, but it sounds as if the faster movement of Advanced Warfare may be making the leap to Black Ops 3. The brief details mention a new Movement System and ‘thrust jumps’, which suggests more than just the average Call of Duty multiplayer gameplay. The leaked images included with the promo flyers also seem to show some type of jet pack, but it’s hard to tell.

Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Leak

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will apparently add a Specialist character option to the mix, giving players one more thing to pour XP into. The description reads: “Black Ops 3 also introduces the new Specialist character system, which allows players to rank up and master each specific character’s battle-hardened capabilities and weapons. With this addition to Traditional and Weapons XP progressions system, Black Ops 3 multiplayer gives players three different ways to rank up.”

Zombies Mode 2.0

And finally, it wouldn’t be a Treyarch-developed Call of Duty game without Zombies, so rest assured the fan-favorite mode is returning. Like past Zombies modes, and Zombies spin-offs like Evacuation, Black Ops 3’s Zombies mode will feature a full campaign for players to experience.

This will also be the first year that the Zombies mode incorporates a fully-fledged XP progression system wherein players can improve their character as they go. Zombies fans have been asking for such a system for quite some time so it’s nice to see Treyarch is finally adding it.

Or are they? For now, it’s best to treat all this information with a grain of salt. Obviously, the images lend a ton of legitimacy to the leak, and we do know that a Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is mere days away, but even then it’s best not to get too up in arms or excited about any changes.

That being said, if these new features are true, then it sounds like Call of Duty is finally ready to incorporate fan feedback into their games. The co-op campaign alone could be a huge selling point.

What do you think of these Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 leaked details? Do you like the idea of a co-op campaign?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is rumored for a November 6, 2015 release date on current-gen platforms.

Source: Reddit (via Charlie Intel)