There is never a question of whether or not a Call of Duty title will be released on every platform possible, but it seems that Black Ops 2 will not only be released on the Nintendo Wii U, but will be one of several titles bolstering the launch-day line-up. That’s if leaked magazine scans are to believed, claiming that the Wii U and its version of Black Ops 2 will be on sale come November.

The magazine in question happens to be Nintendo Magazine, so the accuracy of the claims and the leaked image itself are automatically placed in the ‘possible authority’ category. Nintendo spent all of E3 2012 announcing their catalogue of games with a ‘Holiday 2012’ release window, so a November launch isn’t surprising. The Wii U was shown to support several first-person shooter titles at the show, and even received a new shooter-friendly Pro controller, so whether or not a CoD title could work on the platform isn’t up for debate. The only thing that remains is an official announcement.

The screenshots included in the leaked image are ones that have already been released, and noticeably absent are pictures of what any Nintendo fan will be most interested to see: how the Wii U’s tablet controller will be implemented, if at all.

Black Ops 2 Wii U Magazine Leak

If the rteports are true, it is exceedingly odd that Nintendo and Activision didn’t make some sort of announcement at E3 2012. The fact that both companies failed to confirm the release on such a large stage is the only reason to doubt the veracity of the claims, but there could be several reasons. Not the least of which may be a shortage of compelling gameplay utilizing the tablet controller.

Of course, there is also the question of multiplayer – historically not Nintendo’s biggest strength, and the lifeblood of Call of Duty. We can only assume that Nintendo has gotten that situation straightened out, considering how many multiplatform, multiplayer titles are already confirmed. At this point, it’s just as likely that announcing Black Ops 2 for Wii U may have been at odds with the family-friendly image that was presented at the company’s E3 press conference.

There are many critics who would claim that Nintendo’s hardware and the somewhat-aging Infinity engine used for Black Ops 2 is a match made in heaven. The developers at Treyarch still maintain that their engine isn’t lagging behind the competition, but regardless, we know just how close the Wii U’s hardware is to the of the competition. The controller layouts might drastically change the Black Ops 2 experience on the new console, but the graphics shouldn’t.

If a Wii U fails to interest you as much as the future of the Black Ops series, there’s always the Vita release of Declassified to look forward to as well.

We’ll update you if and when the Wii U‘s November release date is confirmed, along with a Black Ops 2 version at launch. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 releases November 13, 2012 for the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.

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Source: Nintendo Magazine (via Examiner)