Right on cue, Activision and Treyarch have unveiled the next Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 map pack, Vengeance, for release on July 2nd. As with all of the previously released Black Ops 2 map packs, Vengeance will include four new multiplayer maps and a new zombie map.

What makes Vengeance a little different, however, is the inclusion of a new weapon for the Zombies mode: the Ray Gun Mark II. Fans of Treyarch’s Zombies mode will remember the ray gun as one of the “wonder weapons” in World at War and the first Black Ops.

As far as the multiplayer maps concerned, players will have access to three distinct landscapes and one vaguely familiar one. The maps are Cove, Detour, Rush, and Uplink, and are on full display in the trailer above.

Black Ops 2 Vengeance DLC Trailer

Cove is a sea-locked map with plenty of narrow pathways and a central hub area that spells danger for anyone who enters. Detour is set upon a bridge with two layers: a top layer for long and medium range encounters, and a lower layer for more up close and personal skirmishes.

Rush might be the most unique map in the pack, featuring Treyarch‘s version of a paintball course. Of course, once you get tagged in Black Ops 2 you’re not out, you’re dead.

Of the four, Uplink will likely strike the biggest chord with fans, as it is a re-imagining of the Black Ops 1 map Summit. However, instead of a mountaintop ski resort, the map is features the facade of a satellite facility.

Black Ops 2 - Rush Map

Vengeance also brings with it a new Zombies map called Buried, which our intrepid quartet front and center once again. It would have been nice to see the Mob of the Dead gangsters return, but we fully expected that map to be a one-off experience.

Buried puts a unique spin on the Zombies concept — well, kind of — by putting a Wild West style ghost town underground. Treyarch also teases a gangly, giant-like character in the trailer that may be friend or foe, but they wouldn’t say which.

Overall, Vengeance looks like a varied selection Call of Duty maps for fans to sink their teeth into. There are maps for the close quarters fans (Cove, Rush) and some that provide more dynamic combat. It’s also important to mention that the map pack only launches on July 2nd for Xbox 360 players; PC and PS3 gamers will have to wait at least a month to get their hands on Vengeance.

What do you think of Vengeance, the next map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2? Which of the maps are you most excited to try out?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 — Vengeance is out July 2, 2013 for the Xbox 360.