It wouldn’t be Gamescom if we weren’t treated to some new footage and screenshots from what is sure to be one of the biggest selling games of the year, if not ever. Black Ops 2‘s multiplayer was just revealed not more than a week ago, and now Treyarch sees fit to blow the lid on even more of that all important variant by way of some map rundowns.

Along with closer looks at four of the game’s multiplayer maps are some new screenshots for Black Ops 2 that give a more detailed understanding of each map’s layout. The maps themselves don’t look all that different from ones we’ve seen in past Call of Duty titles, but they are intricately detailed, and the gameplay footage helps reveal some of the new weaponry that will be available to players.

These four multiplayer map walkthroughs come to us by way of IGN, who happily break down some of the more important choke points in each of the maps — those being Turbine, Yemen, Cargo, and Aftermath.

First up is Aftermath, a map that puts in the midst of a war torn city, typical fodder for Call of Duty, but a map that feels informed by the events of the single player campaign. There are several key buildings to hole up in, as well as some open city streets to do your running and gunning.


Turbine, as you’d expect, is a map with a run down turbine situated directly in the middle. On either side of the downed power source is an intricate canyon, ripe with plenty of cover and hiding spots.


Cargo is a map we’ve seen before, but when it was first shown off it was in the context of a Strike Force mission not the multiplayer. The map itself is something (yet again) that we’ve seen before, although the addition of some moving cover does add some dynamism to the mix.


Finally is Yemen, your Middle Eastern city map — a longstanding staple of the franchise. There are cobblestone streets, bombed out buildings, and a little rural countryside — all brought together to give players plenty of different environments to battle in.


Beyond just being closer looks at some of Black Ops 2‘s multiplayer maps, these trailers are important because they help legitimize the details that leaked a few days ago. Included in those details was a breakdown of each (or some) of the multiplayer maps that will launch with the game, all four of which we are now seeing in action.

If a small part of the details is proven true, than it stands to reason that a lot of the information revealed is also real. Make sure to also check out the livestreaming and loadout systems that were revealed earlier today.

Which of Black Ops 2‘s multiplayer maps are you most interested in playing? What do you think of the new HUD?

Black Ops 2 releases November 13, 2012 for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: IGN