It’s the day FPS fans have all been waiting for, and it’s finally here. The official announcement trailer for Black Ops 2 has arrived, confirming that the game will most certainly not be set in the 1960’s. Futuristic soldiers, weaponry, and American cities under attack are the stars of the show, promising a new direction for the previously Cold War-era series.

In what was a completely predictable twist, most of these images and brief story details leaked ahead of the intended time. While that provided fans a few hours to debate exactly why the developers at Treyarch would abandon the Cold War era in favor of modern combat, the trailer makes one thing clear: hostilities between America and Russia never warmed. The Cold War has picked up where it left off, plunging players into a new future of unparalleled conflict, where the weapons and technology designed to protect America have been hijacked.

We’ve got our own theories on exactly what this means for the series and Call of Duty brand as a whole, but have a look at the official announcement trailer for Black Ops 2 first:

The same cityscape bathed in fire and explosions glimpsed from the early screenshots is featured, now identified as Los Angeles. Whether this means that the characters and campaign will be centered on a single soldier, like Alex Mason of the first Black Ops, or extend throughout the conflict is unclear.

What is clear is that fans have seemingly had their most beloved character returned to them. After early hints were leaked that Sgt. Frank Woods had in fact survived the events of the original game, he has returned to narrate, and set the stage for this new and unimaginable conflict.

While urban conflicts were the main attraction in¬†Modern Warfare 3, things are far more advanced here. What is most surprising is how strongly tied the sequel seems to the story established with the original game. Hopefully this continues throughout the story (is the young man glimpsed in the action Woods’ own offspring?) and isn’t just a set-up for typical missions.

More details on the plot and setting for Black Ops 2 are sure to be arriving soon, but what are your reactions to this first trailer? Are you happy to see a more futuristic fiction and arsenal being implemented, or were you hoping for more brainwashing and jungle combat? Think that it’s only a matter of time before Alex Mason reappears, or will Woods be taking the spotlight this time? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops II releases November 13, 2012 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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