[Update: Check out the official announcement trailer for Black Ops 2 right here!]

It’s official: The Cold War is back in Call of Duty: Blacks Ops 2 – and not because we’re returning to the 60’s so we can blast “Sympathy for the Devil” out of a swift boat whilst gunning down hordes of North Vietnamese militia as a creepy Russian manifests his psyche in our brains.

The Cold War in Black Ops 2 will be a future Cold War – a 21st Century, near-future exposition on terrifying potential of warfare, when a confluence of advanced technologies and next generation weaponry lie in the right (or wrong) hands.

Those are the story details, according to Eurogamer, that have leaked on the game’s official UK website pre-order page in advance of tonight’s NBA Playoff reveal. While the prevailing notion for quite some time was that Blacks Ops 2 would expand on the exploits of Alex Mason, taking players back to the real Cold War and perhaps Vietnam, the information affirms more recent teases – like the FPS Russia video of a quadrotor helicopter drone – that hinted at a future destination.

That’s not all, though. Tonight’s debut trailer has been set up on theĀ UK CoD website and locked, but images have leaked to All Games Beta depicting scenes of rampant mass destruction in what looks to be another flaming American city (New York received the matchstick treatment in Modern Warfare 3) – likely Los Angeles judging by the freeway congestion palm trees and architecture. Future weapons are on full display, as a bulky APC stampedes through the streets and waves of quadrotors, drones, and stealth fighters dot the sky. There’s also fresh box art that appears to bear the poster image we saw earlier today. Have a look:

Black Ops 2 Screenshot APC Tank

It’s worth noting that some of the leaked images represent the larger make-up of the microscopic teasers Activision has been posting to the Call of Duty website. Another two have gone up today: One showing the cannon on the side of the above APC, while the other shows an aging man’s forearm – whose tattoos confirm the reappearance of Black Ops‘ Sgt. Frank Woods.

The addition of Woods – or anyone else from SOG team – is vital. It seemingly confirms that Black Ops 2 features some form of tie-in to the original Black Ops storyline, however entrenched in the future it may be. Does this mean that the Modern Warfare mythos of World War III is still accounted for as nations appear to collide once again? Or, is there also a chance that Black Ops 2 carves its own narrative into the 21st Century as wheelchair Woods/Mason explains how the Cold War never truly ended?

Ranters, let us know what you think about the latest – and most quite possibly most revealing – Black Ops 2 info yet. And be sure to stay tuned when we cover the upcoming reveal trailer set to air tonight.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 releases November 13, 2012 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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