Black Ops 2 Modern Setting

[Update: the reveal trailer for Black Ops 2 has arrived.  Check it out here!]

Though the answer to what the next Call of Duty will be titled and when it will release has already been revealed, there are still plenty more questions left to be answered. One of the most important ones, and one that fans didn’t expect might need some clarification, was when this game might be set.

While the longstanding assumption has been that Black Ops 2 would be set during or after the Vietnam War, and would pick up the story of Alex Mason, that might not be the case at all. A closer look at a rumored poster for the game depicts a character brandishing some much more modern duds.

Previous rumors regarding the game suggested that we might be seeing future (or futuristic warfare) and a video of a quadrotor helicopter was believed to be one of the game’s multiplayer killstreaks, but fans still were holding out hope that Black Ops 2 would be a true sequel. The ideas explored in the first game, while a bit outside of the traditional Call of Duty realm, were quite unique, and added a little something extra to the storytelling.

It’s a bit odd to consider that Treyarch would want to tread into the Modern Warfare territory — the developer has primarily been COD fans source of historical shooter fare — but that doesn’t necessarily rule out an appearance by Mason. The first Black Ops did jump around in time so perhaps this follow-up could do the same — a far stretch from the prequel rumors that were circulating the web, though.

Here’s the poster courtesy of MP1st:

Black Ops 2 Poster Modern Setting

Either way, we’ll certainly know more about Black Ops 2, or at least have a clear idea of what type of setting Treyarch is taking players through, as some sort of reveal is set for later today. We’re not exactly sure during which NBA playoff game the trailer is supposed to debut, but it’s coming.

For now fans have a few more hours to mull over the cryptic Eclipse domain and a ton of alternate reality games before all of that speculation gets put to rest.

Would you like to see Black Ops 2 be set in a modern or futuristic setting? Or should Treyarch stick to the post-Vietnam time period for this next game?

Black Ops 2 is rumored to be releasing November 13, 2012 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: MP1st