Black Ops 2 Reveal Coming in May

At this point, the only people that aren’t willing to admit that the Call of Duty title coming next year is Black Ops 2 are the ones who are working on it. So much evidence has mounted, some more substantial than others, that it seems almost a formality at this point that Activision announce it in any sort of whiz-bang fashion.

But apparently that’s exactly what’s going to happen; at least if a rumored poster for Black Ops 2 is legitimate. Emblazoned on the poster are a date (May 2nd) and a brief tagline (“Return for Debriefing”) that suggests this is definitely for Black Ops 2.

Centered on the storytelling device of a covert debriefing, the first Black Ops put players into the role of Alex Mason as he recounts a mission gone wrong. Perhaps Mason will be returning to the chair, and will be subjected to further questioning by yet another shady organization.

May 2nd does seem like a prime candidate for a Call of Duty reveal, seeing as how previous iterations have also made their debut during that time. Our guess, based upon the timing, is that the first Black Ops 2 trailer will be featured during some marquee NBA Playoffs matchup, presumably on the rumored date of the 28th, and the 5th will play host to a media event where first looks at the game are offered.

Black Ops 2 Rumored Poster and Date

The more important questions to ask about Black Ops 2, though, aren’t whether it exists or not, but what the story will focus on. Many story rumors early on suggested that gamers were in store for a prequel, but the game’s cliffhanger, and fan-favorite ending left us wanting to know more about Mason.

After Activision brought down the ban hammer, and then promptly repealed it, upon French publications for running a story on the leak of Black Ops 2 it further confirmed fans suspicions that Treyarch‘s next Call of Duty title would be a sequel to 2010’s wildly successful game. It’s time to let the cat out of the bag Activision.

Do you think it’s about time that Activision finally announces Black Ops 2? What do you want to see out of Treyarch’s next game?

Source: Kotaku