Black Ops 2: 'Nuketown 2025' Map Details

Black Ops 2 Nuketown 2025 Map Details

The world of online multiplayer has provided hours of shooter entertainment for decades at this point, and raised a few settings and levels to the status of gaming's most hallowed. 'De_dust2,' 'Bloodgulch,' 'Wake Island' and others brought level design and personality together to make maps as brilliantly built as they were memorable.

With Black Ops, the 1960's era 'Nuketown' map worked its way into the hearts and minds of the Call of Duty community, and there's no going back. With Black Ops 2 set to bring a re-imagined version of the map as a pre-order bonus, the developers have answered a few questions regarding the package, and hint at what kind of personality 'Nuketown 2025' will exhibit.

While the campaign of Black Ops 2 will largely take place in the year 2025, the multiplayer map apparently won't be built around the same technology or approach to warfare as the game's new quadrotors and war machines. 'Nuketown 2025' won't be an updated version of the compact carnage seen in the previous nuclear testing grounds, but apparently a version of a 'model future neighborhood' as it would have been imagined in the 1960's.

Instead of keeping committed to the real-world inspirations for the game's singleplayer campaign, the decision means that Treyarch has plenty of room to bring a truly unique and absurd multiplayer setting. The original was chock full of easter eggs and sense of humor, so hopefully there will be hover-cars and silver jumpsuits aplenty for 'Nuketown 2025.'

Black Ops 2 Nuketown 2025

The developers have also answered a few questions that fans may be asking, especially those who have already pre-ordered a copy of Black Ops 2 prior to the map being announced. Despite the exclusivity deal the series currently shares with Microsoft, the map will be available on launch day for all pre-orders, on all platforms. "Most major retailers worldwide" are participating, as well as PC pre-orders purchased through Steam.

The game's official site emphasizes the fact that this day one DLC is not locked on the disc, but entirely downloaded content, and that those who have already pre-ordered a copy are promised the ability to gain access to the content as well. Exactly how the difference is going to be detected at midnight on launch day isn't clear, but for now it seems that everyone and their brother has pre-ordered a copy, so that's not much of an issue.

The decision to release true DLC on release day across every platform is certainly going to gain Treyarch some credit from gamers not playing on the Xbox 360. The inclusion of dedicated servers for PC did the same, so perhaps the studio really is starting to fine-tune their community and support as competition mounts industry-wide.

Fans can see just what visions of the future the developers have found the most ripe for multiplayer, and how 'Nuketown 2025' measures up to its predecessor when the game releases.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 releases on November 13 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.


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