Multiplayer has always been the go-to feature in every Call of Duty game; some gamers don’t even bother booting up the campaign, and instead dive right into the online battlefield. There’s no denying how important the mode is, but every once in a while things need to be mixed up a bit to give dedicated players a breath of fresh air. Call of Duty developer, Treyarch, plans to do just that in Black Ops 2, and while they’re remaining tight-lipped on what these changes will pertain to, they have confirmed a few features.

Speaking to VG247, a Treyarch employee stated that — despite Black Ops 2‘s main story jumping back and forth between the year 2025 and the ’80s — the game’s multiplayer will be based exclusively in the future. This move makes a lot of sense considering that Treyarch would have to make an entirely different set of weapons and killstreaks in order for maps that are set nearly 50 years ago to even make sense. Also, we have Black Ops and MW3 for that.

More solid details on Black Ops 2 and its multiplayer aren’t scheduled to release until later this year, but one member of the development team did allegedly mention that Treyarch has been keeping a very close eye on eSports. Those who play competitively (or even just watch competitive CoD players) may notice that the new online setup will cater a little more to them — presumably without completely disowning newbies.

Lastly, the ongoing development and role social media has had in cultural is said to have influenced “navigation tools” in Black Ops 2. Whether or not that means Call of Duty Elite will be getting a complete makeover is up for debate, but a few upgrades certainly wouldn’t hurt. They may also be hinting at the ability to share your K/D ratio and other multiplayer stats on Facebook or Twitter, which would be a nifty feature for anyone who is into that sort of thing.

With the futuristic setting firmly locked in as the base for Black Ops 2‘s multiplayer, a pair of matchmaking and social media tweaks seemingly in the works, and Zombies making its prominent return; it’ll be cool to see just what Treyarch has up its sleeve for the next Call of Duty‘s complete multiplayer package.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops II releases November 13, 2012 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Source: VG247