Treyarch is trying something new with its leveling and loadout system in Black Ops 2, something that will not drastically change the Call of Duty system, but will introduce some new features that force players to make some tough decisions. This new leveling system has been dubbed the Pick 10 system, and gives the player a wide selection of options to choose from as they level up, but limits them to only 10.

In the Pick 10 system, any Black Ops 2 multiplayer gamer will have the option of using a single point to equip a perk, a weapon, a grenade type, an attachment, or a wide variety of other things. It adds a new element of strategy to selecting a “class,” and forces the player to gamble in favor of their strengths.

There are also unexpected ways that the Pick 10 system can be used. As outlined by a demonstration for Game Informer, a player could forgo weapons altogether and load up six perks that they feel are essential to their gameplay. That player would then have to rely on weapons from fallen comrades and enemies as their source of offense. But when they do get their hands on a weapon, they are at a major advantage.

Coupled with some of the perks that leaked for Black Ops 2, it’s easy to imagine that a player could render themselves nearly invisible with the right combination.

Treyarch isn’t going to let players have access to the really important perks, abilities, and weapons out of the gate, though; they will still be supporting a leveling system that unlocks new items as players progress. It’s just the application of those items that will have a lot more freedom than in past iterations.

Levels will go up to 55 in Black Ops 2, and a player will be able to prestige (for now) up to 10 times. Treyarch also promises that there will be a ton of useful unlocks for each new rank, but doesn’t talk about the advantages of prestiging. In Modern Warfare 3, the addition of the prestige token allowed for players to wipe the slate clean, but still give themselves a reward for making their way through the cycle.

The idea of a Pick 10 system sounds intriguing on the surface, but like many of the new Call of Duty additions will surely have its shortcomings and “old standards.” Most players will find the sweet spot, and very few will load themselves up with 10 supplies of grenades. Although that would be awesome.

For a closer look at Black Ops 2’s multiplayer in action make sure to check out the recently released trailer.

What do you think of the new Pick 10 system for Black Ops 2? Were you hoping for something a little different?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 launches November 13, 2012 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: Game Informer