Though the game doesn’t launch for another month, the newest trailer for Black Ops 2 has all the makings of an official launch trailer. Packed to the brim with spectacle, explosions, and cool new gameplay mechanics; laced with a pounding rock ‘n roll soundtrack; and featuring choice quotes about how great the game is going to be, this trailer is anything but subtle.

More importantly, though, this Black Ops 2 trailer gives gamers a decent-sized taste of the type of action in store for them in Treyarch’s newest title. While it doesn’t provide closer looks at the game’s redesigned (sort of) multiplayer or the new story-based zombie mode, the trailer highlights a few of the game’s new gadgets.

Since Black Ops 2 takes place partly in the future, 2025 to be exact, players will have a wide variety of near-future tech at their disposal — things like the quadrotor, controllable mechs, and that new RC spider. To top it all off, the game apparently uses some advanced versions of current technology — like the two different versions of “wing” suits seen in the trailer — to create some pretty bombastic sequences. Will they be on rails? Probably, but that won’t stop them from delivering the high octane Call of Duty experience that millions of gamers love.

Unfortunately, as these launch trailers are wont to do, the footage doesn’t set up the game’s story, which sees David Mason (son to Black Ops 1 star Alex Mason) working with an aged Frank Woods to stop terrorist Raoul Menendez from using the United States’ technology against it. Based on the first gameplay trailer — the one that features a war torn Los Angeles — we’re guessing plan and execution diverge at some point, but that should make for an exciting video game.

Black Ops 2 Launch Trailer

Additionally the trailer details the Black Ops 2 pre-order deal that grants access to the game’s Nuketown 2025 map — homage to one of the first game’s fan favorite maps — and a double XP weekend. Just recently Activision announced that Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will be teaming with Mountain Dew for presumably a ton of double XP weekends, so it’s really the map that fans are going for.

What do you think of the launch trailer for Black Ops 2? Which sequences are you most interested in playing through?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 releases November 13, 2012 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, and November 18th for the Wii U.