It’s not inconceivable to think that, heading in to 2012, Activision and Treyarch weren’t prepared to make many detailed, content-heavy announcements concerning¬†Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Much of what we know about the game –¬†and in regards to multiplayer we could probably say most – stems from leaks through internal or external sources, and it seems just as effective to let the word spread virally as it does to, say, hype a world premiere trailer during the NBA Playoffs with a week-long website puzzle game/countdown timer.

Today provided two such examples: The list of achievements for Black Ops II has leaked online offering up insights – occasionally spoilerific – on its gameplay features and storyline. A new set of trailers and screenshots has also emerged out of a private preview event, administering a first look at three Black Ops II multiplayer maps.

Let’s start with the maps.

Last week the unofficial total of Black Ops II multiplayer maps was brought to 14 when a comprehensive list of details was leaked online, updating an earlier comprehensive list of map details that leaked… online. The unsubstantiated nature of the whole process will of course leave room for edits, but three of maps listed – Hijacked, Express, and Overflow – are the setting for the concrete videos and screens appearing today.

Thanks reveals regarding Black Ops II’s weapons, loadouts, and killstreak and perk systems, there’s not much more on gameplay we can derive from the footage. We can, however, digest what likely constitutes a final build of the game (Black Ops II releases on November 13), as well as form a picture of the three new maps. Hijacked, in the first video, takes place on a luxury super yacht where frenetic close quarters engagement steers the action; Overflow, in the second, transpires in cluttered urban streets of Peshwar, Pakistan; and Express, viewable in the first screen below, offers up long- to medium-range engagements in a Los Angeles bullet train station.

But, as hotly anticipated as multiplayer is in Black Ops II – for the purpose of playing it and panning it, annual traditions both – it’s only one facet of a game also looking to provide substantial new content across a single player campaign and the returning Zombies mode. And each is encompassed by achievements.

[Now might be an appropriate time for the spoiler-weary to turn away.]

The full list that surfaced on Xbox 360 Acheivements – in all likelihood it pertains to PlayStation trophies, as well – contains 50 achievements worth the required 1000 Gamerscore points. Many of the resolutions to each campaign mission are laid out quite plainly, including the capturing and interrogation of main villain Raul Menendez and a previously unknown quest to hunt down Manuel Noriega – a real-life Panamanian dictator and warlord whom the United States brought to justice in 1989. Buried in the list are also hints about a new deadly device, the “Karma weapon;” time traveling from 2025 to the 1980s, perhaps to retrieve the weapon; and new gameplay strategies designed for the Zombies mode.

Have a look below, and also be sure check out the trailer for Black Ops II’s Zombies mode, which was released last week.

  • No Man Left Behind (20) – Rescue Woods.
  • Gathering Storm (20) – Investigate the jungle facility.
  • Shifting Sands (20) – Gather intel on Raul Menendez from Mullah Rahmaan.
  • Driven by Rage (20) – Take down Menendez and his operation.
  • Waterlogged (20) – Gather information on Raul Menendez’ suspected terrorist plot.
  • What Happens in Colossus… (20) – Find the Karma weapon.
  • False Profit (20) – Capture Manuel Noriega and bring him to justice.
  • Deep Cover (20) – Capture Menendez.
  • Sinking Star (20) Interrogate Menendez.
  • Late for the Prom(20) – Escort the president to the secure location in downtown LA.
  • Death from Above (50) – Stop Menendez once and for all.
  • Old Fashioned (50) – Complete “Pyrrhic Victory”, “Old Wounds”, “Time And Fate”, and “Suffer With Me” in Veteran.
  • Futurist (50) – Complete all future levels in veteran.
  • Giant Accomplishment (50) Complete all challenges in Black Ops II.
  • Mission Complete (10) – Complete all challenges in a level.
  • Just Gettin’ Started (10) – Complete 1 challenge in any level.
  • Singapore Sling (15) – Successfully neutralize the SDC freighter at Keppel Terminal.
  • Desert Storm (15) – Successfully escort the VIPs to safety.
  • Defender (15) – Successfully defend FOB Spectre from incursion.
  • Black Ops II Master (15) – Complete the campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty.
  • Art of War (25) – Successfully assassinate SDC Chairman Tian Zhao.
  • Blind Date (15) – Successfully rescue HVI.
  • Family Reunion (10) – There are two futures.
  • Hey Good Looking (10) – Plastic surgery avoided
  • Showdown (15) – A duel between rivals.
  • Dirty Business (15) – Listen and think before you shoot.
  • Ship Shape (10) – Reinforcements on the way.
  • Dead or Alive (15) – Jailor or executioner.
  • Ultimate Sacrifice (15) – Only one can survive.
  • Good Karma (20) – Crack the celerium worm.
  • High IQ (20) – Collect all intel.
  • Back in Time (10) Use a future weapon in the past.
  • Man of the People (15) – Stop the brutality inflicted by the PDF.
  • Gun Nut (10) – Complete a level with customized loadout.
  • Ten K (15) – Minimum score 10k in every mission.
  • Welcome to the Club (10) – Reach Sergeant (Level 10) in multiplayer Public Match.
  • Welcome to the Penthouse (50) – Prestige once in multiplayer Public Match.
  • Big Leagues (20) – Win 5 multiplayer League Play games after being placed in a division.
  • Trained Up (10) – Win 10 multiplayer games while playing in Combat Training playlists.
  • Party Animal (10) – Win 10 multiplayer games while playing in Party Games playlists.
  • Tower of Babble (75) – In TranZit, obey the voices.
  • Don’t Fire Until You See (30) – In TranZit, have all doors opened without being set on fire.
  • The Lights Of Their Eyes (5) – In Green Run, pacify at least 10 zombies with 1 EMP.
  • Undead Man’s Party Bus(15) – In TranZit, complete all additions to the bus in 1 game.
  • Dance On My Grave (5) – In Green Run, acquire your Tombstone.
  • Standard Equipment May Vary (25) – In TranZit, acquire 4 different equippable items in 1 game.
  • You Have No Power Over Me (15) – You Have No Power Over Me
  • I Don’t Think They Exist (10) – In TranZit, kill one of the denizens of the forest while it is latched onto you.
  • Fuel Efficient (10) – In TranZit, use an alternative mode of transportation.
  • Happy Hour (10) – In TranZit, buy 2 different perks before turning on the power.

Ranters, which multiplayer maps are you looking forward to playing in Black Ops II? What do you think of the new details revealed in the Xbox 360 Achievements list?

Black Ops II releases on November 13, 2012 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. The Wii U version is due as a launch title for the console on November 18.

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