Black Mirror Series Reboot Releases Today

Black Mirror Reboot Launches Today

Fans of the gothic point-and-click series Black Mirror may have thought that the series would never return. However, six years after Black Mirror 3 released, the series is getting rebooted with Black Mirror (henceforth, Black Mirror 2017), releasing today.

While Black Mirror has never been as prolific as fellow point-and-clicks like Sam & Max or the LucasArts games, each installment was met with a decent amount of critical praise. The art direction in particular was well-received, with players and critics alike appreciating the dark, foreboding atmosphere struck by the games.

Black Mirror 2017 looks to take the story back to the start, following David Gordon as he visits his family’s old home for the first time. Apparently, several members of his family were haunted by madness, including his father, who recently committed suicide. This sets David on a path to discover whether a curse really does haunt his family, or if there is in fact, something far worse.

Interestingly, a cinematic trailer for the game was released a few months ago, giving off a similar vibe to games like The Evil Within 2; excessive quantities of creepy, grasping hands and all. However, while The Evil Within 2 goes for a more traditional, third-person action game approach, Black Mirror 2017 opts for a modern re-imagining of its point-and-click roots, throwing in plenty of puzzle-solving and environmental exploration in the process.

In contrast to the cinematic trailer, a gameplay trailer released last week was far more explicit about the type of game that Black Mirror 2017 is, giving some insight into the story and horrors that await inside the titular Black Mirror Castle. It also received a far less welcoming response from gamers, with many YouTube comments remarking that the game’s visuals looked dated.

The launch-day reception for Black Mirror 2017 has been a bit lukewarm, with the title currently sitting at a 64 on OpenCritic. However, some critics have also praised it, comparing it to games like the original Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark. Whether that’ll be good enough to warrant reboots of its sequels remains to be seen, though.

Black Mirror is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

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