Black Mirror: Bandersnatch - How to Get the Secret Ending


Black Mirror Bandersnatch has been out for a few days now and fans of the interactive experience are still uncovering new easter eggs and alternate endings. The path to the main endings was discovered very early, but apparently there were at least a few extras hidden behind Stefan's branching choices. One of those endings was particularly mysterious, but the community has managed to crack its true meaning.

Lots of Black Mirror Bandersnatch spoilers ahead...

Although most of the endings to the interactive Netflix experience conclude in a review of the game, a reset, or some other conclusive ending; this particular one is a bit different. Instead, this ending finds Stefan back on the bus from the beginning of the game. Instead of pulling out the usual two music choices, he reveals a tape named Bandersnatch. The tape plays some bizarre sounds and then the scene ends. The content is pretty confusing, but it turns out the tape's sounds are actually data. Some superfans figured out that that running the audio through a ZX Spectrum emulator will result in a QR code.

Scanning that secret code gives viewers access to a secret Tuckersoft webpage full of information on other games and lots of Black Mirror easter eggs. Gamers can also download the Nohzdyve demo from here, as well.

netflix bandersnatch black mirror nohzdyve retro game

So far, this path seems to consistently end in the secret ending:

Sugar puffsThompson twinsAcceptAcceptGo backRefuseYesNoThe Bermuda TriangleShout at DadVisit Dr. HaynesPull EarlobeTake themFollow ColinYesStefanGo backColinFlush themHit deskPick up bookPACThrow tea over computerP.A.C.S.20541Who’s there?NetflixTry to explainTell him moreFuck yeahFight herKick him in the ballsWho’s there?White Bear symbolBack offKill dadBury bodyYesHe jumpedChop or bury?Chop up bodyDestroy computerPick up photoWhite Bear symbolChop up bodyDestroy computerGet rabbit from dadPAXWhite Bear symbolChop up bodyDestroy computerGet rabbit from dadToyYes

If you don't actually care about seeing this alternate ending yourself and just want access to the hidden QR code, then we've got you covered for that too:

It seems likely that there are still even more secrets hiding in Bandersnatch that have yet to be discovered. We'll continue to play through the special event and report back anything interesting. In the meantime, Netflix fans who are looking for more choose-your-own-adventure narratives can also now play through Minecraft Story Mode on the streaming service.

Black Mirror Bandersnatch is currently available exclusively through Netflix.

Source: The Wrap

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