The Best PC Hardware, Games, and Tech Deals for Black Friday 2019

Black Friday is only a few days ahead, but thankfully, a number of deals can also be picked up online now. For PC gamers, this is probably the best way to avoid the physical hassle of going Black Friday shopping at physical retailers, instead opting to receive their games, techs, deals, and more online. Of course, there's nothing wrong with going to places like Walmart for its Black Friday deals either.

However PC gamers choose to shop this year, there's plenty of hardware, games, and tech to grab up. Depending on a PC game's launcher of choice, it's worth mentioning that both Epic Games Store and Steam both have several deals live, yet the former seems to have more bigger releases on sale than the other. There's also Green Man Gaming, the Ubisoft Store, and more for PC gamers to shop through and decide where to spend their money.

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PC Hardware

It's no secret that PC Hardware does not come cheap, and there are a ton of factors to consider. PC Gamers should look closely at specs to be sure it can run games like Red Dead Redemption 2 with its PC requirements. But on top of that, there is price to consider - where one can save the most and how much one can spend in comparison to expectations and requirements of upcoming games. Here are a couple of great deals on gaming PCs

PC Games


Of course, what good is hardware without games? Like console players, PC gamers have plenty of deals to choose from, should they know where to look. Perhaps one of the best on-going deals this Black Friday season comes from Green Man Gaming, where players can get up to 6 games for the price of one. The 5 free games remain a mystery when choosing this option, but it's hard to beat 6 games at a fair price.


Green Man Gaming

Epic Games Store 

Ubisoft Store

Tech Deals

Whether its a handy mouse, a unique keyboard, something for VR, or something for streaming, there are always a ton of tech deals every Black Friday. Here's some of the best that are connected to gaming this Black Friday season.

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