6 Can't Miss Pre-Black Friday HDTV Deals for Gaming

If you haven't already picked up the Sony 4K HDR HDTV bundle deal with a PlayStation 4 Pro at Best Buy (now also at B&H without sales tax in most states), then you're in luck as options are abound this Monday in terms of pre-Black Friday HDTV deals. We've spotted over a dozen units from dirt cheap refurbish to high-end units over $1,000.

But to make life easier we're rounding the best six for the week - some of which will be decent options for gaming (on the console). First up is an LG 55-inch 55UH6550 4K HDTV for only $549 - yep that's $550 for a 55-inch Ultra HDTV. If the PS4 Pro Best Buy bundle above is too rich for your blood at $1,000  - this is probably the next best option for a 4K large display with refresh rate that is decent as it comes with LG's TruMotion 120Hz tech.

Another decent pick is a $412 Samsung 40-inch 4K HDTV. Though it has a standard refresh rate of 60 Hz, the video game performance reviews in terms of motion blur, input lag, contrast, and black uniformity are all fairly decent as reviewed by Rtings. So this is a good "budget" 4K option to consider too.

Update: New Vizio one added below. This makes 7 units on sale at Black Friday-level pricing. FYI, the Vizio has an "effective" refresh rate of 240Hz.

Pre-Black Friday HDTV Deals for Gaming

Dirt Cheap Pre-Black Friday HDTV Deals

Above you'll find four roundups of dirt cheap pricing on HDTV deals before the "big" Black Friday day. The biggest deal would be the Westinghouse 55-incher 4K Smart UHDTV for only $350 at Best Buy (that's not a typo). Sure its not going to blow away other TV sets in terms of performance or features, but at $350 you'll be able to enjoy 4K content at non-4K pricing.

Check back in the coming days as we update the deals above to reflect changing prices and new HDTV deals. With a shorter time frame between Black Friday and Cyber Monday this holiday season, we're positive more online retailers will jump start Black Friday days before the actual sales day.

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