Black Friday 2019: How To Find The Nintendo Switch with Better Battery Life

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Several months ago, Nintendo released a model refresh of its flagship hybrid console that introduced an improved battery life. However, given that the better battery life is the only significant change between the 2017 and 2019 model, the console's name and branding weren't changed.

Given this, it is easy for players who are unaware of the existence of the improved Switch to purchase the model with the worse battery life. Although Nintendo doesn't offer any price discounts for the Switch this Black Friday, several retailers are carrying a Mario Kart 8 Switch bundle for $299.

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However, several reports revealed that the Mario Kart 8 Switch bundle, which is being sold every major video game retailer for Black Friday is the original model with worse battery life. Therefore, shoppers who are in the market for a new Nintendo Switch are advised to just purchase upgraded console alone. But how can shoppers identify the new Switch from the old one?

Check the Box

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As previously mentioned, Nintendo did not introduce any changes to the branding of the Switch model with better battery life. However, shoppers should be aware that the packaging of the old and new Nintendo Switch is slightly different from one another. The original packaging features a red and white/gray background and shows a human hand holding the console. On the other hand, the packaging of the new model with upgraded battery life features an all-red packaging and only shows the console without the human hand. For a better comparison, shoppers can check the picture above. The new Switch is the one pictured on the left, while the original model is on the right.

Check the Model Number

nintendo switch new model box

Another way to determine the new from the old one is through the console's model number. This method is especially helpful to shoppers purchasing their consoles online, given that some retailers may display the photo of the new packaging even if it is selling the old one. Below are the model numbers for the new Nintendo Switch with better battery life:

  • HADSKABAA (Blue/Red Joy-Cons)
  • HADSKAAAA (Gray Joy-Cons)
  • or HAC-001(-01)

It is worth noting that the model number of the original Switch is HAC-001. Take note of the lack of (-01), which is a slight difference from one of the available model numbers for the new Switch. Given this, shoppers can also look out for another indicator of the new Switch, which is a serial number beginning with XKW.

For players looking to buy the new Switch online, here are some links from major retailers with the updated Switch model with better battery life:

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