A Moment of Silence for Bizarre Creations' Farewell Video

Bizarre Creations Gives One Last Farewell

Bizarre Creations, the studio responsible for the Project Gotham Racing series, the wildly addicting Geometry Wars games, and the more recent racing game Blur, has been closed after an unfortunate recommendation from Activision. While this is already saddening news, Bizarre Creations has created a video farewell for fans of their numerous offerings to the gaming industry and it's for sure going to touch that soft spot in your heart.

If you ever found yourself playing Geometry Wars for hours on end or enjoyed a couple of races in either the PGR or Blur series, watch this video and enjoy the contributions of the now closed studio to the gaming market.


Personally, Geometry Wars: Evolved was one of the first games I bought on XBLA and remembered spending hours upon hours playing it. The gameplay was simple and addictive and that music they played during it was so catchy, I'm thinking about it right now. In fact, I'm proud enough to say I got all the achievements possible for it. The Project Gotham Racing games were a great addition to the racing catalog on both the Xbox 1 and 360, providing that market with a very good racing simulation that, while not as good as the wildly popular Gran Turismo series, was still accessible for both gear-heads and car tuning beginners.

It's sad to hear that there will be no further planned sequels to Blur, which Bizarre Creations had originally planned. A true shame, considering how much we liked the game. Unfortunately, according to Activision, the racing game had not done well enough at retail and this was a contributing factor to why the studio had closed. Combined with the also poor retail performance of James Bond 007: Blood Stone, the company's last game, Activision felt it was necessary to put the kibosh on the studio.

Rather than see some fresh entries or takes on certain genres, seems like Activision is much more focused on backing developers of the almost guaranteed-to-sell-1-million-copies Call of Duty franchise. This news, in addition to the canceled Guitar Hero and DJ Hero franchise makes for a very sad time in gaming history. Again, have a moment of silence for a company that created genuinely fun games.

The Project Gotham Racing games, Geometry Wars: Evolved, and Blur are still available for purchase.

Source: GamePro

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