'Bite Me' - A Gamer's Zombie Series

Machinima, the popular video game channel dedicated to bringing tons of video game related, uh, videos, took it upon themselves to cast and produce a series of short YouTube videos showing the zombie outbreak, gamer-style, with 'Bite Me.' What it amounts to a blend of relevant humor, references and a some good ol' gore, though the first season - consisting of 5 episodes - doesn't actually dwell too much on the action until the finale. That said, each episode has it's own special event to keep things going at a good pace, and if you've got some time to kill, it's worth a watch - with each episode a little under ten minutes, it's a pretty solid filler for breaks in class or odd moments at work. Click here to start now, or check out our little preview below!

The series follows Jeff, Greg and Mike - each gaming stereotypes of their own who live together. Using skills learned from videogames - Dead Rising 2 is especially referenced - they must survive the oncoming wave of horror cast upon Los Angeles (in a way much better than Skyline). The cast also expands to include a generic Jersey Shore type guy with the hot chick at his arms, the generic hot neighbour the guys talk about, and the generic girlfriend pulling one of their friends away. While the actual (you guessed it!) genericness is bland, the jokes are surprisingly well-placed and make up for it. I found myself laughing out loud throughout the entire first episode. And no, before you ask, this is a YouTube video - there's no nudity. Stop it.

Spoiler: The guy above is not Frank West. Sorry, fellas.

In their ventures for survival, you'll see umbrellas weaponized Dead Rising 2 style, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 night vision goggles put to use, and some solid swag references that might make you look at your very own copy of the item twice. It's always comforting to know that something you own is out there elsewhere in the world, being used as props in a zombie film.

While we can't guarantee playing the same games will enable you to survive the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse in real life (you read it here first!), it brings for an entertaining series of videos and what amounts to a little under 45 minutes. If you've got some time to kill, check out the video below for the first episode, and it'll link you to the next one from there.


If you've already seen the series, or are currently watching, what did you think?

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