Is BioWare's Big Spike VGAs Reveal 'Command & Conquer: Alliances'?

Command And Conquer Alliances is BioWare VGAs Reveal

Though there’s still a large amount of mystery surrounding the big BioWare reveal that’s set to take place during the Spike Video Game Awards, some gamers have already placed their bets on one of two candidates. The first, and closer to the BioWare wheelhouse, candidate is Mercenaries, the sandbox destruction game that, at least, features taking on the role of one character and shaping your experience.

The other and, thanks to some new domain registrations, more likely candidate is Command & Conquer, one of a handful of RTS franchises that have survived the decades. The domains run the gamut from being connected to solely Command & Conquer to even offshoots like Red Alert and Tiberium Wars, it seems like EA hasn’t yet made their mind up.

If the domains, which were only registered by EA on the 2nd, are legitimate, though, the assumption is this Command & Conquer BioWare title would in some way incorporate Alliances into the title.

While Mercenaries is still an exciting option, let’s put that to the side and assume that BioWare is working on the next Command & Conquer, and consider what that title might be. Based on the first image from the game, it would seem that this could be an RPG experience set within the Command & Conquer universe, but the teaser trailer did away with that potential. That teaser trailer in question, featured a more traditional C&C viewpoint, and actually looked like a serious update to that formula. Exciting, nonetheless.

So, although EA has registered a couple of Command & Conquer related domains that suggest Command and Conquer: Alliances is on the way, that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what BioWare is hard at work on. Mercenaries still seems like a very viable, and personally more exciting option, as does a whole wealth of new IPs, which is what the trailer claims this mystery game is, that BioWare could be working on.  I guess we can speculate all we want, but we won’t truly know until December the 10th when host Zachary Levi announces this new game.

Would you like to see BioWare tackle the Command & Conquer series in the traditional sense, or put their own RPG spin on it? Or does Mercenaries still seem like the more interesting possibility, if this title is an update of an established IP?

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