BioWare Announcing Next Game at Spike Video Game Awards

BioWare Unveils Next Title VGAs

With both Mass Effect 3 and the sequel to Dragon Age: Origins in the thick of development, it comes as a great surprise to learn that BioWare might be announcing a new title at the upcoming Spike VGAs. While this title could still be Mass Effect related (see Joystiq’s post for the ongoing series of clues), it could also very well be its own new title to then become a franchise.

As the teasers of all teasers, Spike has released a brief look at the new BioWare title that tells only that the developer would be announcing their next project on the show. It doesn’t say that the title will be a new IP and it doesn’t say that it is Mass Effect related, although many hope it is. Prepare to watch this trailer a few hundred times because it goes by faster each time:

Containing only a brief second of actual game footage, the title appears to involve a militarized main character that is operating in a war-torn environment. By analyzing it further gamers were able to deduce that the weapon the anonymous character is holding is the M-29 Sniper Rifle that came as part of Mass Effect’s Aegis pack. Perhaps the appearance of the gun adds credence to the Mass Effect connection or perhaps it is simply a line of similarity between guns designed by BioWare. Either way it’s hard to speculate what the title might be without more to go on.

While most gamers out there would certainly love to hear some news about Mass Effect 3, or an offshoot Mass Effect title, the prospect of a new BioWare game should also excite some people. So many great titles have come from the BioWare team, each with their own varied approach to the RPG genre, that wherever they do end up taking gamers it should certainly be great.

The VGA Awards air December 11th on Spike TV.

Which would you prefer BioWare announced: the next Mass Effect title or a new IP? Based on the footage what type of storyline do you see this game following?

Source: Spike

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