BioWare Store Gets New Mass Effect Merchandise For N7 Day

By | 12 months ago 

The official BioWare Store introduces a new batch of Mass Effect merchandise ahead of their annual N7 Day celebration sale, where gamers can get new merchandise for 20% off.

BioWare is still cooking away at Mass Effect Andromeda, which is slated to be their largest game to date. In the meantime, however, the studio plans to keep Mass Effect fans happy with plenty of new content in the BioWare Store ahead of their annual N7 Day sale.

N7 Day has been around ever since BioWare designated November 7th (N7 for short – see what they did there?) as the official Mass Effect holiday three years ago. Every year since, the studio has pushed sales in the BioWare Store as the date rolled around, and this year is no exception.

As expected, BioWare is celebrating the occasion with a store-wide sale, where fans can enjoy 20% off on many of the Mass Effect related items for the time being. The sale runs until Monday, November 9th, so those looking to do some game-related shopping ahead of the holiday season have ample time to check out BioWare’s stock. Interestingly, it seems like plenty of Dragon Age store content is 20% off as well, which is a nice bonus for fans of BioWare’s other RPG endeavors.

The store is also getting plenty of brand new merchandise, which are already available for ordering or pre-ordering on the official BioWare Store. The new store content includes things like a reversible Paragon/Renegade hoodie, some fly N7 striped sneakers, a Mass Relay necklace, and a ton of new additions to their women’s apparel line, with items like cardigans, sweaters, leggings, and even an adorable fleece N7 onesie.

Mass Effect N7 Onesie

The BioWare store seems to focus on various Shepard and Tali designs (the latter has her own leggings, sweaters, and even an infinity scarf pattern), but there’s a little something for everyone within the store. The Mass Effect series is poised to leave all the existing characters behind, so gamers can expect some brand new character-based content in the coming years.

In the meantime, the new fleece onesie – as comfortable as it sounds – is a pre-order with no set estimated shipping date, so perhaps it won’t be the best idea for a Christmas gift. Those not interested in clothes can still find some new collectors pieces, like a 1/4 scale replica Mordin statue.

With a full week for gamers to take advantage of the sale, we’re sure the BioWare Store will get a nice boost to their sales during the N7 Day celebrations, and gamers can get some nice swag to wear on the inevitable Mass Effect theme park ride.

Three years ago, one fan designed a series of amazing character sweaters, which led to her being contacted by BioWare to potentially produce the hoodies for their official store. Things seemed to have fizzled out ever since, but one still harbors hope that those awesome designs will appear one day in BioWare’s shop, because we’d buy every single one of them. Despite the lack of those character hoodies, the store still has plenty to offer, and interested gamers looking to hunt for some neat Mass Effect items ahead of the holidays should certainly do so while the N7 Day sale keeps things at 20% off.

What do you think about the new merchandise in the BioWare Store, Ranters? Is there anything you’d like to see added to the collection?

Source: BioWare Store