BioWare Announces First 'The Old Republic' Guild Summit

BioWare First Old Republic Guild Summit 2012 Austin Texas

With the shortest notice ever, Star Wars: The Old Republic will be hosting the first Guild Summit in Austin, Texas early next month.

Many scratch their heads at the mention of a Guild Summit, but what is basically amounts to is a chance for guild leaders from around the world to discuss the current state of the game and what they anticipate for the future. It's an opportunity for fans to voice their opinions and the developers, more specifically BioWare Austin, to receive some immensely beneficial feedback. Guild leaders, or their representatives, will be able to participate in Q&A's with developers, roundtable discussions and, of course, previews of new features coming to The Old Republic.

Rarely are there opportunities for fans to have such direct contact with a game's development team, so this is one that fans won't want to miss, especially if they are particularly opinionated. Aside from fans being able to voice their gripes (and believe there will be plenty of them), the development team will have a chance to defend themselves as well -- discussing the reasons behind many of their decisions. It won't be all negative, however. The Old Republic has been working hard to fix any mishaps that might have happened since launch and are already implementing fun, new content for players to experience. Since then they have been seeing some positive results that fans are sure to notice. See what we noticed in our Star Wars: The Old Republic review.

The summit will be hosted at the DoubleTree Hotel in Austin from March 4 — 6, 2012. BioWare has personally invited several guilds of every shape, size and background to attend the event, but they are accepting applications from those who would like to be considered  -- there is apparently some sort of undisclosed screening process.

A quick note to our friends outside the U.S., the summit will be conducted entirely in English and you must be 21 years or older to attend (a bummer for the younger crowd).

All in all it's a nice idea, and one that CCP Games has found integral in the evolution of their EVE Online MMO. Any occasion where game makers reach out to the community is a good one -- not to mention a smart one.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is available now for the PC.


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