Although the vast majority of enthusiasm for Mass Effect 3 lies with getting to reconnect with Shepard’s compatriots from the past two titles, there are still some new ones to be introduced in this trilogy-ending entry. In celebration of reaching 10,000 followers, BioWare’s Casey Hudson took to Twitter to reveal one such new character: James Vega.

Providing some extra muscle, or even a potential love interest for the Commander Shepards of Mass Effect 3, Vega looks to be a worthy addition to the Normandy crew. Vega was actually initially known as James Sanders, but his name was changed after several media outlets leaked his identity early. Could this mean that he is an integral part of Mass Effect 3’s storyline?

While details regarding Vega’s back-story are slim, we figure he will either be a part of Mass Effect 3’s series of recruitment missions or a temporary squad member. According to some sources, Vega is meant to represent the bright eyed and bushy-tailed rookie who is brought into Shepard’s world of shoot first ask questions later.

Since, in Mass Effect 3, the Reapers have finally made their way to Earth, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Vega provide some additional emotional weight to Shepard’s quest to finally stop this universal threat. While we do know how side storylines might be resolved in ME3, these new characters bring with them a new sense of exploration — a must for each new entry in the space-travelling series.

Here’s your first look at James Vega courtesy of Casey Hudson:

James Vega New Mass Effect 3 Character

Still, though we know what he looks like, the question remains: who is James Vega? Yes, he appears to be human, and yes he is in extremely good shape, but how does he figure into the overarching story and why should gamers care about him? Hopefully when BioWare hits another milestone, or perhaps at Comic-Con we will find out more.

What do you think of James Vega, the newest character in the Mass Effect universe? Do you think BioWare should be adding characters like Vega when there are already so many companions to juggle?

Mass Effect 3 releases March 6, 2012 for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.

Source: Twitter