BioWare is Obsessed With Review Scores

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Review scores can mean a lot to a game company or developer. They can be crucial to the sale of their games and could even dictate whether or not a sequel will be made for it. BioWare, the company who has brought us great games like the Mass Effect series and Dragon Age agrees, perhaps to a great degree. If only every developer was so willing to pay attention to reviews.

Co-founder of BioWare Dr. Greg Zeschuk, during the "Creative Game Development" session held at the Develop Conference, said that BioWare gives review scores "a lot of attention":

"Some would say we're obsessed with review scores. We're really driven by our commitment to quality in that way."

Zeschuk's statement should be viewed in a positive light. BioWare doesn't want to see their games receive negative scores on Metacritic and I can't think of a game they have released in recent years that wasn't outstanding in any way whatsoever.

Developers taking into regard review scores is great for developers and gamers alike. If a title receives a bad score, people may be apt to not purchase or even play the title at all. I don't feel that BioWare feels afraid by the damning ability that reviews have on many games, but view it as an odd sort of inspiration instead.

I certainly don't think that BioWare would ever "phone in" a game in any way. And I truly think that there will not come a time in that company's future where they will release a sub-par product to fans who are always eager and waiting for their next title.

What do you think, Ranters? Do you believe BioWare's respect for reviews helps them create better games? Or are reviews relatively unhelpful, from a developer's point of view?

Source: Develop-Online

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