For nearly a decade, developer BioWare has been a multi-franchise outfit, focusing their efforts on Mass Effect and Dragon Age. In that time, however, there have been considerable rumblings that the company was working on something new, and had tasked the main Mass Effect team with developing it.

Then, at EA’s E3 2014 Press Conference, BioWare Creative Director Casey Hudson confirmed his involvement with a completely new IP. He didn’t say much, but the prospect of a completely new game from the BioWare Edmonton was nonetheless exciting.

Since that time, BioWare and EA have begun to tease this new project with a series of cryptic trailers, the first of which arrived during Comic-Con 2014. The live-action footage featured a hooded man running from…something, before eventually confronting his doppelganger.

Now that the second teaser trailer, titled Spark, has hit, the pieces are slowly starting to come together, even if we still have no idea what this game is. In this new piece, lightning attacks a man while a mysterious hooded figure watches on. Check it out above.

While it’s hard to draw any major connections between the ‘Spark’ trailer and the ‘Nightmare’ one — aside from the You’ve Been Chosen URL — we can see at least two recurring themes. The first is the circular image with the three dots that the man is drawing in the ‘Spark’ trailer. That same image appears, albeit briefly, in the ‘Nightmare’ trailer, so it’s safe to assume that is an important icon in this new game. Similarly, the idea of unexpected phenomena (doppelgangers, lighting strikes, smoke-headed men) pervades both trailers, adding a haunting flavor to both of them.

BioWare IP Spark Trailer

Considering these mysterious goings-on, it might be safe to assume there’s more to the Shadow Realms title rumors than just a trademark filing by Electronic Arts. If one were to describe a “shadow realm” they would likely list a world that somewhat resembles our own, only with some creepy differences. Again, we’re just trying to draw some connections here, but Shadow Realms seems as good a title as any at this point.

Thankfully, we won’t have to wait long to learn more about this mysterious BioWare project, as both trailers strongly tease a full Gamescom reveal. The event begins August 13 and runs through the 17th, so stick tuned to Game Rant for more details.

What do you make of these two mysterious trailers? Are there any connections you can draw between the Nightmare and Spark trailers?

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