Third BioWare New IP Teaser Features Devastating Impact

BioWare Impact Teaser Trailer


Even as BioWare is breaking the news that longtime Creative Director Casey Hudson is no longer with the company, they are still continuing business as usual. After all, the developer has a new IP on the horizon, which they hope to reveal at this year's Gamescom.

Thus far, BioWare has played coy with a series of live action teaser videos, the third of which released today. This one, titled Impact, features a distraught girl standing in the wreckage of what we can only assume is her home.

Like the previous teaser videos, the running theme of mysterious phenomena and elemental powers continues in Impact, but unfortunately the content doesn't bring us any closer to understanding what type of game BioWare is making. For those who might not be keeping track, there are now three trailers in total. The first featured a hooded young man running through the rain, before he was eventually confronted by his doppelganger. The second saw a man being attacked by lightning in an Internet café. And this final one features, for the first time, a female main character that, we assume, destroyed her home with a devastating…thing.

BioWare Impact Teaser Trailer

All we know about the game at this point is what we've heard in rumors. According to these rumors, the game might be called Shadow Realms, and so far these trailers still fall in line with that title — i.e. that the "world" depicted in this trailers is markedly different from our own.

Thankfully, we won't have to wait much longer for BioWare to officially blow the lid off their new IP, as the developer is widely expected to make that announcement at Gamescom next week. And BioWare isn't playing coy about that reveal either by including invites to Cologne, Germany in their press releases. Apparently, BioWare is holding a fan event in Cologne on August 13th at 3PM CEST, and they will also stream the event on Twitch starting at 4PM CEST.

So while BioWare may no longer have Casey Hudson at the helm, they are still pushing forward with this new IP undeterred. Chances are we will see at least one more of these teaser videos before Gamescom, but we wouldn't expect BioWare or Electronic Arts to make any big reveals until the show begins on August 12th. We also wouldn't be surprised if BioWare had a little more to say about Mass Effect 4 at the show, but right now it seems like this new game is the primary focus.

What do you make of these three teaser videos? What type of game do you think BioWare is developing?


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