BioWare employee Alistair McNally reveals that he revealed the name of BioWare’s new IP via a t-shirt last week at the Game Developers Conference, but nobody noticed.

Fans have known that BioWare Edmonton has been producing a new intellectual property for some time, although the studio has done a remarkably good job of keeping any details about the game itself under wraps. The upcoming BioWare title has already gone through some senior staffing changes, and nobody was expecting the game to make any kind of debut at the Game Developers Conference last week. However, that’s exactly what the new BioWare IP did – it’s just that nobody noticed.

The revelation came from BioWare’s Senior Director of Creative Development, Alistair McNally. The BioWare employee had been sneakily wearing a t-shirt which played host to the name of the upcoming game during the conference, but since the new IP was such an unknown item, nobody at the GDC apparently “batted an eyelid” at the shirt itself.

Since Alistair’s Tweet, many fans from the official forum have been on the prowl for photographs featuring Alistair from the event, but so far nothing has surfaced. While it’s likely that McNally is featured in several photographs from the GDC, which ran from March 14-18, it looks like fans will be left in the shadows until a photo finally surfaces with the game’s title in tow.

BioWare’s Austin studio is also working on a new IP following the unsuccessful development of a 4 vs 1 online action RPG named Shadow Realms. The doomed IP went through a murky reboot attempt before finally being officially declared dead a year ago, prompting a conversation about if sequels and remasters were making things harder for new games.

In the meantime, BioWare Montreal has been hard at work on the new Mass Effect title, which as been losing key members of the development team over the last few weeks. Thankfully, Edmonton hasn’t witnessed the same amount of turnaround that the Andromeda team has so far, so one can assume the new IP is still chugging along on schedule.

The Game Developers Conference took place in San Francisco last week, where The Witcher 3 won the Game of the Year award and Microsoft was forced to apologized for a raunchy after-party.

We’ll keep you posted if the name of BioWare’s new IP eventually surfaces. We suspect that if the online search continues to bear no fruit, Alistair will take pity and Tweet a photo of his shirt.

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