BioWare's All New Game IP First Look Image Features Dust & Flying Debris

BioWare Open To Non Sci Fi Fantasy Games

It's been a busy year for fan-favorite developer BioWare - especially with the impending launch of their enormous Star Wars MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic set for a release on December 20. However, with so may games nearing the end of production, Mass Effect 3 or already on the shelves, Dragon Age 2, what is the critically acclaimed team working on next?

While details are still scarce, today BioWare has unveiled an early sneak peek at their next all-new video game IP which, judging by the teaser image, may be somewhat of a departure for the developer.

Game Informer has the exclusive first look image and while it's an intriguing tease - gamers will have to wait until the upcoming Spike VGA's before further official reveals will be unveiled.

Check out the sneak peek image from BioWare below (click to enlarge):

bioware vga game concept art

Obviously, after viewing the image, the first two games that will likely come to mind are Borderlands and RAGE - though, given BioWare's love for supernatural elements (i.e. biotics, Jedi powers, and spell casting), it's likely that there will be more to this title than merely Mad Max-inspired visuals.

What game fans can actually expect is anyone's guess at this point - as the announced title could represent a major departure from the studio. Maybe we're looking at a Twisted Metal-esque destruction derby RPG where players can duke it out in online arenas and boost their vehicle stats through XP upgrades? That might sound like a stretch but BioWare rarely sticks to a single tried-and-true formula - often pushing their own comfort zone with each new release.

That said, if we had to offer a more bankable guess, it's likely that the new title will fall within BioWare's third-person action-RPG style of play - in a near-future but less-fantasy based setting. Though, about the only thing we can confirm at this point is... vehicular collisions.

Expect the full reveal of BioWare's next game at 8:00 p.m. EST on December 10 during the Spike VGA's. In the meantime, let us know what you're hoping from the new title in the comments below.


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Source: Game Informer

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