BioWare Suggests More Mass Effect, Dragon Age Games in the Works


With Anthem being such an ambitious project, and one that EA have stated is planned to be a 10-year journey, many BioWare fans have voiced concerns that we may not see any more games from the studio's other series, Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Thankfully, a blog post from BioWare today puts these worries to rest, confirming that the team is working on some "secret stuff" related to both franchises.

Both Mass Effect and Dragon Age earned a huge following for their immersive worlds and emphasis on player choice. So much so, in fact, that BioWare often finds itself answering eager questions on whether certain features from these games like the dialogue wheel will return in Anthem - which, incidentally, it won't.

The blog post from BioWare, titled "Mid-Summer Update", goes into detail about the awards Anthem won at E3, as well as announcing a panel that the team will be staging at PAX this year to talk about how Anthem will manage to allow individual player agency in a shared multiplayer world.

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Regarding future Dragon Age and Mass Effect games, the blog post first acknowledges all the interest the team has received from fans. "We hear loud and clear the interest in BioWare doing more Dragon Age and Mass Effect, so rest assured that we have some teams hidden away working on some secret stuff that I think you’ll really like."

It's only been just over a year since Mass Effect: Andromeda, so if BioWare are working on a new mainline game for the series, it's extremely unlikely that we'll be seeing it any time soon. Perhaps more interesting, though, is the prospect of a new Dragon Age. Hype for Dragon Age 4 was dampened by news of a delay a few months ago, but this newest hint by BioWare may reignite hope in fans for an imminent release.

It's reassuring to hear that the two franchises that put BioWare on the map are still very much alive and kicking, even if that confirmation gives us minimal detail about which direction the two series may be headed in. Unfortunately, since the blog post makes clear that BioWare won't be ready to talk about anything for quite some time, it could be years before fans get to see any of this elusive "secret stuff".


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