BioWare's Lack Of Meme Knowledge Leads To Banned 'SW:TOR' User

BioWare Misunderstands Meme Bans Old Republic Player

BioWare has had its hands full keeping Star Wars: The Old Republic running smoothly since the game's launch in December (having already released a nice update), and the studio appeared to have a handle on things... until now. In a steadily increasing list of mistakes that would make Jar Jar Binks proud, BioWare has banned an innocent player for being underage, something The Old Republic's Terms of Service strictly prohibits.

The terms are clear in stating that no one under the age of 13 is allowed to have an account no matter the circumstance. BioWare apparently takes this very, very seriously because an unnamed user of the Star Wars: The Old Republic message boards has had his or her account permanently suspended following a response in the forums. The post read:

"I'm 12 and what is this."

Here is a history lesson for those, like BioWare, who are unfamiliar with the meme. It dates back to 2009 when a team of jokesters posted an inordinate amount of pornographic material on YouTube under the guise of popular teen subjects, such as The Jonas Brothers. One innocent victim was subjected to the bait and switch, posting a comment that reflected his obvious confusion, "I am twelve and what is this.” Thus, the meme was born.

Like the situation it originated from, most use the meme to respond to something that is inappropriate, which is most likely what The Old Republic message board user was doing, probably in jest. The moral of the story: users should read those terms before attempting to be a wise guy -- that, or BioWare just needs to get savvy to the whole internet thing.

Since news of the ban spread, the thread containing the incident has been inaccessible, making it possible that BioWare took the blame and the issue is being resolved. Here's hoping they do the right thing.


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Source: Destructoid


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